mini monster donuts + halloween

It’s November now and Halloween was pretty much wiped from the stores in early October so who cares about Halloween? 

I do!

I didn’t do anything really fancy for Halloween but I thought these things were cute enough to share. Bear with me. 

I saw these Mini Donut Spiders on Pinterest that just use store bought mini donuts and I thought, “HEY. That is super cute. I’m going to do that for the office work party.”


Image from It’s Always Autumn

I thought it would be cuter with chocolate covered pretzels so I bought two boxes of them. The kid checking out my groceries at Albertson’s actually said, “OH. MY. GOD. These changed my life!” when he scanned the two boxes of pretzels. I guess he liked them a whole lot.

What I didn’t notice was that I had purchased MINI pretzels. Yeah. Mini pretzels won’t work. When you try to cut them with a knife they just completely fall apart and they’re not even big enough to look like legs for anyone, except maybe ants.


With a little quick thinking, I decided to just make Mini Monster Donuts instead.


The eyeballs (plain M&M’s) are “glued” on with melted chocolate and then I used red sparkle gel for the eyeball dots. I used some white writer icing to make funky faces on the donuts. Viola. Easy peasy.

For our office work party, I ended up deciding on being the Cat in the Hat.


Amazon had the bow tie and the hat. I used a piece of white felt and rounded off the corner and attached it to the bow tie with a safety pin. I put on makeup using an eyeliner pencil and wore all black. 


I also did my nails with paw prints. I got one of the nail art pens which made this so much easier to do. Draw dots? Okay. I can do that. Somehow I managed to win the costume contest at work. I think it helped that only a few people dressed up. Haha.


I also dressed up Maya, who did not appreciate my efforts. This is her “woe is me” face.


These are the wings from the back. She’s wearing a little soccer jersey that acts as a cheap version of a Thundershirt to help with her little doggie anxiety. She still hated the wings, though.


“I believe I can fly…” #maya #batdog

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Car rides at least help her keep her mind off of things.

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    1. Thanks, CC! I might have to get more of those nail art pens so I can play with more designs! Yeah, I don’t care for spiders very much either. Maybe I can do the donut spider thing in the future, if I ever manage to buy the correct pretzels.

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