My co-worker, Cris, wanted to go to Steamy Piggy. Who am I to say no to new things?

Piggies only at Steamy Piggy - San Diego, CA


Interior at Steamy Piggy - San Diego, CA

Interior at Steamy Piggy. It was a lot smaller than I thought. We ended up sitting out on the patio. Better lighting for foods.

Menu at Steamy Piggy - San Diego, CA

Steamy Piggy menu number 1.

Menu at Steamy Piggy - San Diego, CA

And… “somewhere in the middle” menu. Whatever that means.

DRINKS - Steamy Piggy - San Diego, CA


OTHER DRINKS - Steamy Piggy - San Diego, CA

Steamy Piggy boozy drinks.

Some fruity drinks my co-workers got at Steamy Piggy - San Diego, CA

Cris and Emily both got drinks. I didn’t feel like spending $6 on something that would probably be too sweet. The one on the right is the Watermelon Green Tea [$6]. Annnnnnd I forgot what the drink on the left is, but hey… pretty umbrella. 

Fried Rice at Steamy Piggy - San Diego, CA

I got a half order of Char-Siu Fried Rice ($12.50 half order, $20.50 full order). This “half” was incredibly large to me! The fried rice had bits of char-siu pork, shrimp, sausage, egg, carrots, and peas. It was full of lots of different types of goodies BUT… it was very, very oily. It has a nice seasoning and overall flavor but it was much more oily than I would have liked it to be. At least reheating it wouldn’t require extra oil…. I guess? 

Noodles at Steamy Piggy - San Diego, CA

Emily ordered the half order of Piggy Noodles ($13.50 half / $22.50 full). If this is half then I don’t think I want to know what a full order looks like! 

This dish comes with lo mein noodles with marinated pork belly tucked on the side plus plump shrimp and vegetables. And again… this dish was oily as hell. It tasted okay at first but then it feels really rich and heavy due to the excess oil in the dish… and you know, that pork belly on the side. If it was less greasy then I think we would have all enjoyed this more. 

Pork Belly Bao at Steamy Piggy - San Diego, CA

I ordered one of these to share with Emily and this girl went ahead and ordered a second one. Damn. I had like two bites of this Piggy Bao [$4.50]. The marinated pork belly sauce was way too rich and overpowering for me and the spicy mayo made it … well…. too spicy for me. I wanted to like this but the marinade was too strong! 

Dumplings at Steamy Piggy - San Diego, CA

After waiting what seemed like an eternity, we finally got our Assorted Dumplings [$9.50]. We didn’t have time to really stick around and enjoy them though since it took so long to get them and we had to get back to work. So I quickly took a bit of every dumpling before putting it into a container to take back to work. I was greeted with hot juices squirting out at me but I didn’t care – I was gonna try them all while they were still hot!!

My absolute #1 “I would come back just for this” favorite was the pink PIMP SHRIMP dumpling that is filled with a combination of pork belly and shrimp! Seriously I would come here again and just order that and nothing else. It was incredibly juicy with a big piece of shrimp inside. It was a little crispy on the bottom, the dumpling skin was perfect with a good chew, and it was piping hot! I need a whole plate of those babies!

The chives (pork belly + chives) and the curry chicken (chicken, carrot + curry) were also good runner-ups. The Brawny Burger (beef + onion) was also an interesting one but not as good as the rest. The cabbage and the veggies were my least favorite. There was also an egg and cheese one that just mostly weirded me out from the gooey texture inside. 

So… I’m pretty sure this whole review of Steamy Piggy sounds like “blah, disappointing” but PIMP SHRIMP OR NOTHING you guys. That’s all I have to say about that. Also don’t come here if you’re on a time crunch. Damn.

Steamy Piggy
4681 Convoy Street, Suite A
San Diego, CA 92111

8 thoughts on “Steamy Piggy

    1. Hi Ron – I use the camera on my cell phone. These photos were taken on a Samsung Galaxy S7. I now have a Galaxy S9+ so we’ll see how those photos go for future posts!

  1. Looks like they changed up their menu from last year. You’re right about the greasiness…I noticed that about their fried rice. It would have been more enjoyable if it weren’t so oily. The pimp shrimp were good though. I’m with you on that. Just order those and nothing else, ha ha. Looking forward to seeing your S9 pix!

  2. yikes. i’m not a fan of oily food at all. the dumplings look interesting but if i ever try it, will go for your pimp shrimp. you should check out tasty noodle house with me one day. it’s right across the street 😉

    1. Pimp shrimp or nothing!!! Well, I think most of the dumplings are the winner here, but they take forever to come out. I wonder if you can just order again for dumplings. I have been to Tasty Noodle House a couple of times now. I like their ginger beef noodles! I’m down!

  3. Hi CC – Yeah… I didn’t enjoy how oily some of that food was. Glad you agree with me on the Pimp Shrimp! I would seriously just order a plate of those dumplings again, omg, they were delicious!

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