Curry n Kabab – Miramar – San Diego, CA

I will readily admit that I don’t eat a lot of Indian food. In fact, I can probably count the number of times I’ve ever had Indian on my hands. But I know that I love Naan bread and that’s what I felt like eating last week. I did a search and found Curry n Kabab was closeby and had lunch specials that included naan bread. I figured I’d try it out since I was feeling adventurous that day.

Curry N Kabab - San Diego, CA

Curry n Kabab is located in a plaza off Miramar Road next to the Cash & Carry – a larger Indian supermarket across from Miramar base. I got there early when no one else was in the restaurant yet. I watched people come in a few ordered at the front and then took seats. Others simply sat and waited for someone to come and take their order. I guess you can do it either way. Personally I went to the front, ordered and paid, and then everything was brought out to me. 

Menu at Curry N Kabab - San Diego, CA

They have a menu with some pictures on it, too, but that menu doesn’t list descriptions. This one does.

Menu at Curry N Kabab - San Diego, CA

As someone unfamiliar with Indian food, I found this to go menu for Curry n Kabab to be more helpful since it listed a description for the different dishes. I’m a noob.

Soup with your lunch special at Curry N Kabab - San Diego, CA

The $8.99 lunch special includes soup with your meal. This was a tomato based soup that was heavily spiced. It had a bit of a tangy bitter taste to it with a bit of spice hitting the back of my throat. I ate a few spoonfuls but it was not my cup of tea. I tend to not like bitter spicy things. 

Naan Bread with your lunch special at Curry N Kabab - San Diego, CA

You get a little basket of naan bread with your Curry n Kabab lunch special as well. It’s the regular naan with a bit of ghee on top. Next time I want to try the garlic naan! They also serve a few other kinds I haven’t seen before such as Chili Naan (naan stuffed with chili and cilantro), Keema Naan (naan stuffed with minced lamb), and Cheese Naan (stuffed with cheese, oooo). Anyone wanna join me for a naan tasting party at Curry n Kabab?? 

Chicken Korma & Chicken Tikka Masala lunch special at Curry N Kabab - San Diego, CA

Here’s the whole lunch special. You get to pick two different curries for your meal and it also comes with rice. I picked the Chicken Tikka Masala (which I believe is on the left) and the Chicken Korma (on the right). 

Tikka Masala is a curry based in a creamy onion and tomato sauce. It has a robust flavor and very slight sweetness. The chicken was white meat and a few pieces were on the drier side, but overall it was good.

I much preferred the Chicken Korma. Korma is a mild curry sauce with nuts, raisins and coconut (I believe coconut milk). Luckily I tasted zero raisins in there – I suppose I could have eaten one without knowing – but it generally had a coconut milk flavor. Light, creamy, sweeter notes, and that milky coconut flavor that I really enjoy in curries. The chicken was also a bit more tender in the korma vs the tikka masala.

Both of the curries tasted great with a little spoonful of rice or piled on top of the naan. 

I read some Yelp-y reviews that stated that people found this place to be more expensive with less food or complaints about the small portion size. I had leftovers, personally, but I eat way less than I used to. This was more than enough food for me and my smaller appetite though and I quite enjoyed the food. I may be adventurous again in the future and try more things off their menu! 

Curry n Kabab
9272 Miramar Road
San Diego, CA 92126

4 thoughts on “Curry n Kabab – Miramar – San Diego, CA

  1. The closest Indian spot to me is Punjabi Tandoor but I think their Miramar location is better. Second issue is that work has been busy so haven’t eaten out in a while. Hopefully we can meet up in the middle for a lunch one of these days! You seem to find the spots to visit around our area! =)

  2. Hi Lynn! I don’t think I’ve been to Punjabi Tandoor but I think I know where it is. We work so close to each other, hopefully we can grab a lunch one of these days when work is less insane for you!

  3. Great choice Mary! Had a great time at lunch with you the other day. And funnily enough, there is now a similar place down in Chula Vista now (Himalayan House, not Indian I know, but the foods are similar).

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