Mini Pies at the Pie Joint

I’ve been on a “pie quest” recently. I tried to get pie multiple times and failed on multiple accounts. On St. Patrick’s Day I was determined to finally get pie and I choose The Pie Joint as the place to go!

The Pie Joint in Sports Arena in San Diego, CA

But first…. a cheesesteak.

Cheesesteak from Gagilone Brothers in San Diego, CA

I mean… it was right next door to The Pie Joint. Had to do it. For some reason I told Jake to get the Giant 18″ sub. Could I finish eating my half? Nope, sure couldn’t. I can’t eat like I used to. But I got my fill of cheesesteak!

Menu at The Pie Joint - San Diego, CA

The Pie Joint has a little menu out front listing off what mini pies they had. 

Savory Menu at The Pie Joint - San Diego, CA

The Pie Joint also serves savory pies but I was only interested in dessert pies that day. I think I might want to come back for a Chicken Pot Pie or Pork Enchilada. Those both sound tasty! 

Pie Case at The Pie Joint - San Diego, CA

The pie case on St. Patrick’s Day at The Pie Joint. They have real little mini pies at 2 inches and slightly larger 5″ pies. Or you can get a slice of pie. 

Pies at The Pie Joint - San Diego, CA

They didn’t have mini drunk apple pies or triple berry so I didn’t get to try those. 

Mini Pies at The Pie Joint - San Diego, CA

The mini pies are $2.99 each or $1 if you purchase a savory pie.

Mini pies from The Pie Joint - San Diego, CA

The crust isn’t the prettiest, but it sure did taste good. The crust had a buttery taste and flaky texture and was the perfect little bottom for each mini pie. My favorites of the bunch: the tart lemon meringue – the lemon filling was just the right amount of sweetness and tartness and was so creamy! I also loved the mini chocolate mint pie (the green one). It wasn’t overly minty and paired nicely with the chocolate. I’m also a sucker for coconut cream which had a good punch of coconut flavor in the mini pie.  

Mini Green Chocolate Mint Pie from The Pie Joint - San Diego, CA

I quite enjoyed our tasting of mini pies and I will definitely be back to try the savory stuff and more tiny pies! 

The Pie Joint
3944 Point Loma Blvd., Suite D-E
San Diego, CA 92110

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