Dunkin Donuts Opens in National City

Dunkin Donuts is finally back in California! When the Dunkin Donuts opened in Downtown San Diego there was like a mad rush for it and it seems this new location which recently opened in National City is no different.

This new Dunkin Donuts is open 24 hours and has a drive-thru. It’s kind of painful trying to go but we attempted it a couple of weeks ago. Laura was in the car with us after we went to see Rogue One (for the second time, Laura’s first viewing) and I convinced Jake to swing on by so we could get our fix.

The parking lot. Oh boy. The parking lot is basically useless right now since most of the parking spots are blocked by the snaking line of cars. Jake did manage to back into a spot next to an old school bus that looked like it was being used for additional supply storage.

The line inside was only slightly better, filled with patrons who opted to park on the street and walk over.

Here’s most of our order… I noticed they neglected to give me one of the donuts I ordered. Happily I have Jake to fix these mishaps for me and he went to wrangle another donut out of them. 

Laura and I both got coffees. A hot one for her, an iced one for me. I got it flavored with hazelnut and just a little bit of cream. It was okay. I’ve never really been that ga-ga over Dunkin Donuts coffee, personally. The hazelnut flavoring made me happy though I still thought it had a little too much cream in it.

Laura’s go-to item is the low fat blueberry muffins. Though they seemed to only have the regular ones that day and she decided that was fine. 

One of their holiday specials was this Candy Cane Donut. 

I do not recommend eating this unless you want to immediately go into a sugar coma and wake up again after the holidays have passed. Otherwise, go for it. I’ll close my eyes and gag to myself while you eat this monstrosity of overindulgent sweetness. 

After one tiny bite of that awful Candy Cane Donut, this chocolate frosted donut barely tasted sweet at all which made me like it quite a bit. They didn’t have my beloved sour cream donuts so this chocolate frosted was an acceptable compromise on my part. 

Boston Creme Donut. T ate this one. He said it barely had any filling in it. Boo.

Here’s Jake’s forgotten Jelly Donut. It was also kind of meh and needed more jelly filling. 

What did I learn from this experience? I learned that candy canes shouldn’t go on top of donuts, that local donut shops in San Diego have much better (and fresher tasting) donut offerings, and that obviously Dunkin Donuts has some kind of grudge against me for never having my sour cream donuts! Come on! Hook a girl up! 

Dunkin Donuts
2139 E Plaza Blvd
National City, CA 91950

2 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts Opens in National City

  1. I have not even attempted to go here because there’s always a line. We went to the one downtown a few years ago after the hype died down. Their mint oreo donut tasted like toothpaste. The texture of their donuts seems kind of soft? Not sure if this is the norm for Dunkin Donuts. Now you have me curious about their elusive sour cream donuts. Those sound good!

    ps – that candy cane one…overkill. Maybe a few sprinkles but not THAT. Cavity time.

    1. Hi CC – Yeah, I’m sure it’ll die down at this location after awhile, too. I’ve only found the sour cream donuts in Yuma and Ramona… geeeeez. I like the sour cream donuts for the texture and they are usually not too sweet. It’s kind of like a softer cake donut. I didn’t really care for most of the donuts we had on this visit, they all tasted day old for some reason. It’s so busy here so I couldn’t understand that. The candy cane donut was GROSS. The pieces were also too big – total overkill!

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