Every other week I find myself down in the Convoy area and this week I decided to stop by a new restaurant for a little bit of lunch. I had heard about Baguette Bros from one of my co-workers and decided to go check it out. Baguette Bros is in one of the oh-so-slightly larger lots – the same lot that houses Jeong Won Korean BBQ Buffet.

Baguette Bros - San Diego, CA

They’ve got a big “Grand Opening” banner up over the shop so it’s easy to spot. 

Banh Mi Menu at Baguette Bros - San Diego, CA

Their sandwich menu is right outside and easy to read. In addition to banh mi sandwiches, they also serve french fries and chicken wings. Check out Baguette Bro’s full menu on their website. One day when I go back I want to try their Nutella coffee!

Interior at Baguette Bros - San Diego, CA

This is the interior – but only half of it. There are also smaller tables with bench seating along the back wall in addition to the picnic tables. 

Sauces at Baguette Bros - San Diego, CA

Water is set out easily for you to grab. They also have a few extra sauces over here – such as a housemade Cilantro Ranch – for your meal.

Fish Sauce Wings at Baguette Bros - San Diego, CA

[fish sauce wings / $6]

I was only going to get a sandwich… but the lure of wings was too hard to resist! They have Honey Sriracha, Fish Sauce, or Lemon Pepper available as wing flavors and I opted for fish sauce. You get six wings in one order. They toss a bit of fried garlic and chopped green onion on top for a little extra color and flavor.

The wings were nice and meaty. The meat was tender and the fish sauce had a pungent slightly sweet flavor. The wings had a crispy exterior though I think they could have been a *tad* crunchier/crispier. Still a good effort though and I quite enjoyed them despite not having the “perfect” crunch.

The Belly Flop - a roasted pork belly banh mi sandwich from Baguette Bros - San Diego, CA

[belly flop / $8]

What actually sealed the deal for me wanting to visit Baguette Bros was that I saw they had a pork belly banh mi on their menu. 

Pork Belly closeup at Baguette Bros - San Diego, CA


Crispy pork belly at Baguette Bros - San Diego, CA

Oh my holy goodness… the pork belly was so freaking good! It had a wonderfully crisp top, a good ratio of porky fat to porky meat and it was so tender and delicious. It came with a sweet chili sauce that helped to highlight and enhance the yummy flavor of the pork. I, of course, took all the pickled crap off but I ordered it with the carrot/daikon because I wanted the pictures to be prettier. But all I really want with this is that lovely cilantro.

The bread was nice as well – it had a crusty exterior while the inside was light and fluffy. It held up well to the pork and the sauce. I’d order this again in a heartbeat! 

While I find it weird to pay $8 for a banh mi (when I’m used to paying about $4 for one), I have to say that the roasted pork belly made it worth it. Don’t see super crispy pork belly in a lot of Vietnamese shops, that’s for sure! 

Baguette Bros
4698 Convoy St #105
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 256-6251

4 thoughts on “baguette bros

  1. I was just here too and had a nice meal here with friend. He got the belly flop and I got the Grasshogger. I thought the price was a bit high but they seem to give you more meat/veggies here at BB. I can’t wait to re visit soon.

    1. Hi Faye! A lot of their sandwiches sound like good combinations. I do think the price is high, too, but I like that they also give you that side of shrimp chips along with your sandwich. My pork belly sandwich was very meaty, too! I want to try some of their fries next time I visit.

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