[revisit] jeong won korean bbq buffet


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  1. Faye says:

    This is still my favorite AYCE KBBQ I think. The option to choose from the buffet is pretty neat. I noticed they did indeed increase the price and you have to get your own rice now (at the buffet). The sesame sauce is my favorite too! And the pancakes! Sometimes I’ll put the pancake on the grill to crisp them up even more.

    And, um, something looks different with T’s hair..

  2. I took Bert here for his bday a few years ago. We liked it – they had good selection there with everything it seemed. They just had the wierdest random crap on their walls though, a mixture of art and inspirational sayings printed out and taped on the wall. I wonder if they still have the frog legs. I tried one and thought it was okay but would definitely not get it again.

    • mary says:

      I didn’t see any frog legs, haha. Or was that a special thing to order? They do still have the random crap on the walls with all the random quotes! I really like the buffet style here and all of their sauces!

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