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  1. What? They got rid of the Tacos el Gordo on Highland? Well, CV is the place to go then, haha.
    Tacos el Poblano is near the Regal you guys went to but I think you already went there/blogged it. I love that the movies are so cheap there. Have I gone to a movie there lately, no, but I’m glad I have the choice of paying less instead of $9 somewhere else.

    As for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, yes it was pretty boring, but a standard ‘boxing’ match rather than an actual fight. My Mexican friends were telling me that the fight was free on Mexican TV. None of that pay per view nonsense. She said past big-name fights have always been free on Mexican TV.

    • mary says:

      Hi CC – Yup! I should have know something was up right away. I questioned it a little but didn’t think about it since it looked the same, haha. I got tricked! Yes, it is really nice having the cheap movie option. The Hazard Center theater isn’t too terrible, either. I’m spoiled now paying the cheaper movie ticket prices!

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