may the fourth be with you – it’s star wars day!

Today is Star Wars Day, my friends. Let’s do a little geeky post celebrating one of my favorite movies of all time!

This past Saturday, Jake, S and I were headed down south and S pointed out a something and said, “Dad, look, R2D2!” I looked around but I didn’t see it, assuming it was some kind of sticker or something on the back of the car. Jake proceeded to turn around the block to go back and look at the car and I gave him a look like, “Do we really have to go back to see at this?” He didn’t really say anything else and when we came upon the car, I could see why he wanted me to look it.


This is the front of the car. It’s a bit bright out but you can see the Rebel Alliance logo on the front grill. 


We pulled into the parking lot at Vallarta Express to check it out a little more. Here is the car from the back! Holy cow! 

There are so many little details, but my favorite part is R2D2 sticking out the back! 


Close up on R2. Love the “Carfighter” sign.


And here’s some detail on the side. The stickers on the back rear window say “Hot Wheels” and then “San Diego Star Wars Society”. Pretty cool if you ask me! I asked Jake if he was having a Star Wars fan envy moment and he just kind of stared at me and said “No… Maybe…” That pretty much means “Hell yes I am!” That was a really fun thing to see over the weekend and Jake said I should post it on Star Wars Day. He’s a bright one.

If I had thought about it or had time, I would have also made some Star Wars treats for today. Instead, let’s look at some of the Star Wars related goodies I’ve made in the past.


I have a few molds, including Han Solo in Carbonite, and I used them a few years ago to make chocolate Han Solos. A couple of years ago for the Food Blogger Bake Sale I made these filled with caramel in the middle.


Jake has also gotten Storm Trooper cupcakes from me and I made peanut butter filled Storm Troopers again for the Food Blogger bake sale.


Yoda Sandwich cookies. Feel the force (and the sugar rush) as you eat these babies. These are also from a cookie mold. I have yet to use the other cookie molds because I’m a slacker. 


This is probably my favorite one – a Star Wars Trash Compactor Cake. Also so easy to make, since it doesn’t have to look pretty at all. In fact, the messier the better!

Hope you enjoyed my little post on Star Wars stuff! May the Fourth Be With You! 

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