breakfast quesadillas

breakfast quesadillas

I made these for Sunday morning: Breakfast Quesadillas. I actually got the idea from a Pinterest post about breakfast burritos but I didn’t look hard enough in Jake’s kitchen to see there were big tortillas. All I saw were the little corn taco sized one and on the fly it went from breakfast burritos to breakfast tacos to breakfast quesadillas since I realized tacos would probably fall apart in the pan. I really wanted that crispy outside edge and quesadillas would be easier to heat up that way. Continue reading breakfast quesadillas

tacos el gordo de tijuana / chula vista, ca

You like Mexican food? Of course you do! What’s not to like about delicious tacos piled with meats and cheeses? Tacos El Gordo de Tijuana is one place that really does it right. This little taco shop is originally from Tijuana and they have ported themselves over the border to San Diego with three locations in town, plus one in Vegas.

[menu at tacos el gordo in chula vista]

As soon as you walk in, you can tell this place is just a little bit different from the other taco shops in town. The menu is well lit above you and there are stations. Each station specializes in a particular kind of meat. There’s a carne asada guy, an adobada guy and a guy who kind of serves up “everything else” (tripe, cabeza, legnua, etc.)

You pick the kind of meat you want and order from that station. Jake and I always go to the adobada station for the spicy pork that’s turned on a spit.

[adobada slowly turning on the spit]

Mmm, meat on a spit.

[slicing pieces of adobada]

I always make Jake order because he does know enough conversational Spanish to get by. I’d rather not break out my rusty old high school Spanish.

God, I’m such an American.

I’m sure they’ll understand you even if you speak English, but I still make Jake do all of the ordering. What a good boyfriend.

The guy starts slicing meat off for our assortment of treats and prepares our tortillas by dipping them in the drippings from the pork and then grilling them. Holy heart attack on a plate! Probably why it tastes so darn good…

They’re fast and efficient and get your order ready in no time. There’s a line behind you, they gotta be quick with this stuff. Once you have all of your treats you go over to pay then try to find a seat so you can devour your meal.

[juicy, freshly made adobada taco – $2.00]

Jake usually gets the tacos with everything – salsa, onions and cilantro and some avocado looking dressing tucked on top of two corn tortillas.

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