tasty things in life: chocolate dipped cones from fosters freeze

I have fond memories of going to the Fosters Freeze in Spring Valley with my parents. I can remember the ride there from our house, through the side streets, before the 125 freeway ever existed. Sometimes on our home way from Kmart (or just a special trip out there), we’d stop by Fosters Freeze for some ice cream and this was my favorite thing to get:

A chocolate dipped cone! And this is the small cone, my friends. The large is SUPER TALL. I had enough trouble as it was eating this one quickly enough before it broke through the shell.

I did manage to break through before a major meltdown.

The Spring Valley location is still there! I went to their other location in Allied Gardens to obtain this cone though. It’s just not the same when you get it from the El Pollo Loco/Fosters Freeze. They skimp on the soft serve there. Boo.

Jake and I enjoyed treats there last weekend when it was SUPER DUPER HOT. A nice adieu to the summer and a fun little revisit to my past.

What was your favorite cooling off treat this summer?

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'2 Responses to “tasty things in life: chocolate dipped cones from fosters freeze”'
  1. Sadly, I’ve never had a Foster’s Freeze (runs quickly to hide), but I hope to change all that soon!

    I remember passing by this place randomly (since I got lost) while trying to get to Coop’s. My daughter would totally love that chocolate dipped cone (especially the poo swirl at the top)!

  2. mary says:

    Haha, the poo swirl! It’s good stuff. Similar to Dairy Queen, but I prefer Foster’s… probably due to childhood nostalgia!

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