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I don’t remember where I first read about Bronx Pizza, but I’d been wanting to go there for awhile. Last Friday on what I’ve dubbed our “Pizza Nights” we headed over to Hillcrest to try out their thin crust, NY style pizza. I wanted to get a Whitestone Pizza ($15) – all cheese with garlic and no tomato sauce. Jake, who loves tomato sauce on pizza like no other (he usually orders pizza’s with extra sauce), wasn’t sure about the all-cheese decision and ordered the pizza with half tomato sauce.

When I first took a bite of a slice with the tomato sauce, it didn’t taste too bad. But then I ate just a slice of the cheese with no sauce – which has mozzarella, ricotta, garlic and parmesan. The all-cheesy slice is super, awesomely good. I love ricotta on pizza, too, and it was spread thin across the whole pie, giving it a slightly creamy, sweet flavor. After eating a regular slice, eating another with the pizza sauce on it just kills the pizza. Jake even agreed, which I found surprising, since he’s such a sauce guy. He admitted this was the first pizza he’s had with no sauce on it, but he liked it so much he wanted to go back again last weekend (we didn’t, but we will go again soon I’m sure).

The crust was nice, too – thin, slight crisp, and foldable (like most NY style pizzas are). Really good and simple.

They’ve only got 1 size of pizza (18″ – 8 slices), only have certain toppings available, and only take cash. There’s seating in the back as well if you can’t wait to eat it and they also sell by the slice (and have calzones).

We will be back for more deliciousness!

Bronx Pizza
111 Washington St
(between 1st Ave & 3rd Ave)
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 291-3341

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10 thoughts on “Bronx Pizza / Hillcrest | San Diego, CA

  1. I love the pizza here! Esp the whitestone. I’ve had other white pizzas before, but Bronx one is my favorite. I like the sauce ones too, but a lot of times the sauce makes the dough soggy. One of my favorite toppings is their pesto and mushroom on their white pizza.

  2. Hi Kirbie!
    I really want to try a pesto slice next. I saw one in the case when we were leaving but I was too full to eat more pizza (I was still tempted to get it though, haha). My bf is not a fan of the mushrooms, but I love them – so pesto & mushrooms sounds like a really awesome idea to me. I can’t wait to go back! I’ll have to try and resist the urge to keep getting the Whitestone though (but it is *so* good).

  3. Pizza nights are my favorite night!!!

    I really love the Bronx Pizza seems so authentic. The calzones are equally good too. Although admittedly, I remember finding the people behind the counter rude when talking to Paul. Maybe it just an NY attitude that goes along with great pizza but found it unsettling that when pointing to menu items that he used his middle finger. Maybe it’s just me.

  4. Hey Darlene –
    When we went, Jake had to tell the guys behind the counter just how much he loved the pizza, and even though they were totally busy, one guy took the time to listen to him and talk to him (though he still worked while listening to Jake). It really could just be the attitude, too… East Coast vs West Coast attitudes are quite different.

  5. hi mary – that’s another pizza place i want to try (besides luigi’s)…parking sucks there and the line is always long tho’. one day, i must try it, esp. that whitestone pizza, sounds delicious!

  6. Hey CC –
    We lucked out when we went last week. I made Jake phone ahead for the pizza and we parked a block away in the “green zone” – which you know, wasn’t 15 minute parking only anymore since it was well after 6PM. I think I like Bronx more than Luigi’s!

  7. Hi Mary it’s been forever since I’ve been to Bronx Pizza. I agree with Darlene in that the attitude for that “authentic” NY experience can get a bit annoying. I’ve never had a whole pie here. I see a lot of people park in the dry cleaners next door after they close in the evening. Luigi’s on El Cajon I thought is ok but I personally love Sicilian Thing Pizza on 30th St.

  8. Ive only eat at Lefty’s and Luigi’s for pizzas so far since my foodie coworker I eat with despises the place. The Whitestone part of the pizza is going to convince me to go now! Plus its the only pizza place Ange likes haha.

  9. Hi Dennis – Ohhh, Sicilian Thing Pizza is good, I’ve been there a few times. Totally different style than Bronx, of course! It’s like eating pizza bread. 🙂

    Hi Darwin – I went to Lefty’s once but Jake & the kids started eating the pizza before I could get a photo… grrrr. I just thought it was okay. A little too saucy for my tastes.

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