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I’m a dessert girl. I love baking. I love cupcakes, decorating cakes, and all things sweet. If I spy a recipe with hazelnuts in it, I’ll want to try and make it. I have a secret little soft spot for chocolate, but I usually prefer vanilla flavored things. I don’t like dark chocolate, it’s not sweet enough for my sweet taste buds. With that said, it’s amazing I haven’t been to Eclipse Chocolat sooner.

I read about it forever ago and I tried to get a girlfriend or two to visit the cafe with me, but it never panned out. For my birthday (which was on Monday) I decided to take the day off and treat my birthday as a holiday. I indulged and got a really terrific holistic massage from Brenda Goodell (she’s one of my web design clients and super nice and gives really relaxing massages) and then I indulged further and went to Eclipse Chocolat for a cupcake and a latte.

Brenda, who knows my love of baking and cupcakes, couldn’t believe I had never been here. At least that’s been remedied! For my drink, I got a latte infused with white chocolate, orange and vanilla bean ($4.00 + $1.00 for the chocolate infusion). It had a really nice balance of flavor – it wasn’t sickly sweet like mochas you get from other places – just sweet enough to be enjoyable.

For my treat, I ended up getting one of their Creme Fraiche Cupcakes ($3.50). My choice? The Lavender Sea Salt & Caramel cupcake.

I ate this slowly, savoring each bite while I read a few short stories out of my latest book (Close Range by Annie Proulx). It was rich, chocolaty, and super good. The sea salt and lavender on top gave the cupcake that little extra burst of flavor mingling around on the tongue. The creamy chocolate topping was delicious and the caramel insides were gooey but not overpowering. A really excellent cupcake!

I hung out in the cafe for about an hour, sipping my latte, reading, and enjoying a little relaxing down time on my birthday. I highly recommend everyone treat their own birthday like a holiday and take the day off – you deserve it!

Eclipse Chocolat has some interesting upcoming events, such as an Autumn Harvest Dinner, featuring dishes with carefully infused flavors. I’m really interested in their Harvest Dinner and am thinking I might want to go, if I can convince someone to go with me. In any case, I’ll have to come back and try out some of their other treats, like those truffles I spotted in the display case!

Eclipse Chocolat
2121 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 578-2984

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4 thoughts on “Eclipse Chocolat | North Park / San Diego, CA

  1. my friends took me to eclipse for my bday back in april. i’d been there before and i love their cupcake and their rococco. i’d prefer the seasalt caramel cupcake without the lavender though. they also have a rosemary mint one that’s interesting. i really need to check out that pizza place next door too.

  2. Hey CC – They had a really savoring sounding one – I think it was Goat Cheese & Fig – I wasn’t too sure about it… I think they also offer goat cheese & fig in a truffle, I’d be more interested in trying a small bite of the truffle version. Luigi’s is pretty good, though I’ve only been to the Golden Hills location.

  3. Ive been here twice, and Ive ended up in a chocolate coma both times! Everything is so decadent but tastes great. Never been into sweets much but I really liked their hot chocolate with chili. Never had a cupcake but it looks really good!

    CC – Ive only ever been to the Luigi’s next door and its really good, thin crust pizza. Guys are helpful, and will make you secret special pizzas they have or make you a custom one. One note, cash only.

  4. my friend (TORC in my blog) had the goat cheese and fig and loved it. Not being a fan of either, I don’t think I’d dig that too much. they used to have seasonal dessert samplers – 4 diff’t kinds for $12 but I think they stopped it. bummer eh.

    thanks Darwin – i’ve been meaning to try Luigi’s. i do like thin crust pizza. ooh, and cash only – good to know.

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