gabbiano pizza / misson beach – san diego, ca

My boyfriend has been eating at Gabbiano Pizza since he was a kid. He has the phone number memorized. The owners know him and they know his order. I am the outsider here. But I will agree with him that this pizza is good.

Gabbiano Pizza

We’ve only gotten the cheese pizza (large pizza about $14) – he refuses to get it with toppings, saying that toppings only ruin it. I just go with it, though I wouldn’t be adverse to a pepperoni touching my slice. He’s adamant though, so I believe him.

It’s a bit greasy but it’s good. It’s got a good crust on it and its sauce is sweet and blends well with the crust. The crust is my favorite part of this pizza. The crust is really my favorite part of any pizza, unless it sucks, and if that’s the case then I’m just kind of sad.

This place is also a block from the beach, so you can grab a slice and go back to the ocean if you’re into that kind of thing. I’ve enjoyed this pizza by a few sunsets and it’s been good every time.

Visit the beach. Eat pizza. It’s good for you.

Gabbiano Pizza
2912 Mission Blvd.
(between Devon Ct. & San Gabriel Pl.)
San Diego, CA 92019
(858) 488-4010

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