hans & harry bakery / bonita – san diego, ca

Hans & Harry is a local bakery down in Bonita that I have heard about forever, but never went to. Which is silly, since Jake and I are usually in the area every other week to pick up his kids for a weekend. We finally went by to check it out afternoon when I was especially in the mood to try some sweet treats (which, FYI, is pretty much every afternoon, ever).

[a wall of strudels greets you upon entry]

This is what greets you when you first enter Hans and Harry.

Be still, my heart!

All of the pretty, delicious looking strudels are waiting to enter to your belly.

[fruit studels]

Such beautiful strudels!

[one case of baked goods at hans & harry]

And this is actually only ONE of the cases at the counter. I think I must have zoned out because I didn’t photograph the rest of the offerings. Just know that there is MORE.

[peanut butter bar]

Though the strudel looked seriously awesome, I wasn’t in a strudel kind of mood. Instead we shared a variety of treats, one of them being this peanut butter bar.

The peanut butter bar was sort of a cross between a cookie and a brownie. It had a softer, chewier middle (like a brownie) with the outer crust a little crisper (and cookie-like). Overall though it was a little dry and not super moist – I guess I was thinking it’d be more like a fudgy peanut butter version of a brownie. Too bad it wasn’t. Continue reading “hans & harry bakery / bonita – san diego, ca”