El Huevo Estrellado / Chula Vista, CA

Jake and I had a lo-key weekend. After we dropped T off at work, we headed down the Silver Strand to see if Star Dust Donuts was open before going to a place called El Huevo Estrellado for breakfast.

And they were! The “open whenever I want” sign is gone now, replaced with actual hours. We visited around 9AM and Star Dust was open. I believe the sign said they close around 1PM. All of the donut types were available at 9AM!

We got a Maple Bar, Old Fashioned, Fritter with Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, and a Cinnamon Roll. The maple bar and the old fashioned were my favorite of the bunch. The fritter is quite sweet, even with the salted caramel on top! 

Jake and I had the dogs with us, so we needed a restaurant with outdoor seating. After some roaming around in Chula Vista, a Yelp search finally led up to this tiny place behind a liquor store.

It’s called El Huevo Estrellado Taco Shop. It’s a small place. There were three table outside and maybe 5-6 tables inside. There is waiter service here if you’re not getting your food to go. 

Specials board, outside. 

Menu, side one.

Menu, side two. 

Our waiter greeted us with a basket of chips and salsa. Jake commented he thought the salsa came out of a bottle – but that he liked it anyway. I thought it was fine as well. Nothing outstanding but it was not bad, either. 

Breakfast overview!

Jake and I decided to share the Carne Asada & Eggs [$11.95] breakfast. It comes with a hunk of carne asada with grilled onions and peppers, two eggs how you like, rice, beans, and some guacamole. First of all, I’d like to say it was pretty weird to eat beans and then drink coffee. Ugh. The meat on the carne asada was nice; it was cooked well (not too dry or overcooked) and had a nice seasoning on the meat. The beans are rice are nothing special, but decent. You get your choice of flour or corn tortillas and we went with flour. The tortillas were served hot and it was nice to make my own little mini burrito with our breakfast plate. It’s a decent breakfast and it’s a good sharing size. 

I saw on Yelp that they have $1 pancakes on the weekend. The special isn’t listed on the menu. I believe there’s a sign somewhere inside that states it. We ordered two pancakes to share. While very cheap, the pancakes did not taste good. They had a baking soda-flour taste to them, like the batter wasn’t mixed properly. They were quite dry and didn’t taste that great, but on the other hand, at least we only paid $2 bucks for this. 

Here’s Jake feeding the dogs a little carne asada. He says he feels bad when he doesn’t give them a little bit of food. Ha!

The service at El Huevo Estrellado was very good. Our waiter was very nice and attentive. Our carne asada plate was a good, decent meal in a quiet part of town. It was nice sitting outdoors for a little sunshine with our breakfast. I’d pass on those pancakes though, even if they are just a dollar. 

El Huevo Estrellado
1096 Broadway #105
Chula Vista, CA 91911

2 thoughts on “El Huevo Estrellado / Chula Vista, CA

  1. Omg, wow, I have always wondered about this place! They have an interesting logo too. Too bad about the pancakes (sad face) but st least the actual food was good!

    1. Hi CC – Now you know about it! The pancakes were pretty sad… but oh well. At least they were only a buck. The carne asada was pretty darn good. I think you’d like this place!

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