loaded po’taters at wienerschnitzel

Quickie post today! Jake, T, and I hit up Wienerschnitzel recently for a quick bite to try their new “Loaded Po’Taters”. For whatever reason I thought these were going to be baked potatoes with “stuff” in them but actually it’s tater tots!

Loaded Po'taters Menu at Wienerschnitzel

That explains why the “po” is so small in this photo, eh.

There are three different styles of taters to choose from: Chili Cheese (the regular, normal, non-crazy one), the Blazin’ (for you spicy lovers), and the Meat Lovers (for people who love the meats). We decided to try two of them. I bet you can guess which two without scrolling down.

Chili Cheese Loaded Po'Taters at Wienerschnitzel

[chili cheese loaded po’taters / $3.69]

If you answered “I bet you didn’t get the Blazin’ one!” then you’re right. No crazy spicy things for this girl. 

We got the regular one which came with a mess of freshly fried tater tots topped with Wienerschnitzel chili and cheese. The cheese started to melt a bit with the hot ingredients. The tater tots reminded me of those “hash browns” you get at other fast food places (like Burger King). I think of tater tots as being those little rectangles, not round disks, but I guess it’s all the same. It’s still fried potatoes. 

Meat Lovers Loaded Po'Taters at Wienerschnitzel

[meat lovers loaded po’taters / $4.99]

The second one we tried, the Meat Lovers Po’Taters, is pretty much the same except it has the addition of bacon and pepperoni. If you like Wienerschnitzel chili and crunchy fried potatoes, I’m pretty sure you’ll like either one of these. The chili is decent and the cheese melted enough to make me happy. The crispy tots were fresh and crunchy so it was a nice little snack. I felt the meat lovers was overkill though – I don’t care for pepperoni so I was already biased against the meat lovers. The bacon was decent – it wasn’t wimpy little thin pieces of bacon at least. It added a bit of saltiness to the dish which wasn’t bad. I still preferred the plainer version.

Would I order these again? While they tasted fine, I probably would not. The price point seems a little high on these and I’d be just as happy with plain tater tots. But I’m boring like that. Oh well.

On another note… did you know Wienerschnitzel has a dog mascot who’s got their own Instagram account?!?!?!?!!


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Disclaimer: While I did purchase these items myself, I also received yet-to-be-used gift cards from Wienerschnitzel in exchange for this review.

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    1. I like tater tots with just salt and seasoning! But then again, I’m not a ketchup person, haha. I thought it was funny “po” was really small, too.

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