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Recently I was given the offer to try out a new salad delivery service that’s now available in San Diego called Farmer’s Fix. Farmer’s Fix offers customers a weekly salad delivery service that can be sent to your home or office. You choose the day (Sunday or Monday) and can choose the number of salads you want (minimum of 3) and they arrive in an insulated, reusable cooler bag.

Farmer's Fix Cooler Bag

Farmer's Fix Salad Bowls

It also comes with a reusable ice pack. You leave the bag and ice pack out when your next delivery is shipped so they are continually reused. How cool! 

Farmer’s Fix offers a variety of salads to choose from. You can view the Farmer’s Fix full menu on their website. I got to choose three salads to try out for this review.

Chopped Chinese Salad | Farmer's Fix - San Diego, CA

The first one I tried was the Chopped Chinese salad. The Chopped Chinese salad is filled with carrot, celery, cilantro, red bell pepper, red onion, leopard romaine lettuce, scallion, sesame stick, snow pea, and comes with a sweet chili dressing.

Chopped Chinese Salad | Farmer's Fix - San Diego, CA

Chopped Chinese Salad | Farmer's Fix - San Diego, CA

Here’s how the salad looks after it’s all mixed up.

Chopped Chinese Salad | Farmer's Fix - San Diego, CA

I added a little bit of shredded chicken to the salad for some protein. This was actually my favorite salad of the three that I tried. I loved the crunch and flavor of the sesame sticks and I thought it was a good mixture of different vegetables, flavors, and colors. The salad dressing included with the Chopped Chinese was also my favorite. The sweet chili dressing had a great flavor and paired really well with the vegetables and salad mix to help make it my favorite of the bunch.

Quetzalcoatl Quinoa Salad | Farmer's Fix - San Diego, CA

The second Farmer’s Fix salad I tried was the Quetzalcoatl Quinoa salad. This salad comes with cherry tomato, cucumber, mint, parsley, yellow bell pepper, and red quinoa with a champagne vinaigrette dressing.

Quetzalcoatl Quinoa Salad | Farmer's Fix - San Diego, CA

Here’s the salad before I mixed it up later at work. 

Quetzalcoatl Quinoa Salad | Farmer's Fix - San Diego, CA

Now you can see the quinoa a bit better!

That's a lot of parsley - Quetzalcoatl Quinoa Salad | Farmer's Fix - San Diego, CA

The thing about this salad was it had SO MUCH parsley. You can see how much parsley I took out of the salad in the photo above. It was a bit overkill! The parsley kept getting stuck in my teeth and because there was so much of it the taste was quite strong and a bit overpowering. The quinoa was fine but I wish there were more cucumbers instead of a crazy amount of parsley. 

Field and Garden Salad | Farmer's Fix - San Diego, CA

The last Farmer’s Fix salad I sampled was the Field and Garden salad. It came with carrot, castelvetrano olive, corn, farro, pistachio, scallion, spinach,  and yellow bell pepper with a lemon oregano vinaigrette dressing. On the website form you can make a custom request to exclude things. I actually asked for “no olives” but I guess that didn’t work since I got them anyway.

Field and Garden Salad | Farmer's Fix - San Diego, CA

Poo to olives. 

Field and Garden Salad | Farmer's Fix - San Diego, CA

Here’s the salad mostly mixed up. This salad was okay. It was better than the crazy parsley-quinoa salad but not as good as the Chopped Chinese. Perhaps farro isn’t my favorite thing? I liked the rest of it though – the spinach and other veggies were nice but I remember wishing for some cucumber or other veggies in the mix. Maybe that’s why I liked the Chopped Chinese the most – it had all my favorite veggies in it! 

What I did enjoy about the service is that it made lunch a lot easier on me that week. Less thinking was involved for packing my daily lunches and I could be assured that I was eating something fresh and healthy with no additional thought or work on my part. The salads came right to my door and all I had to do was pop one into my lunch bag. The additional chicken that I added to one of my salads helped make it feel more like a meal to me. 

The salads are $10 per salad. Shipping is free if you order 5 or more salads, otherwise it is $6. The price point is a little high for the salads, but if you consider the time and energy that you save yourself from doing any food prep then it kind of balances out. It’s a great option for busy folks who don’t have time to do any prep or who don’t really want to think about lunch too much. Check out the Farmer’s Fix website to see their menu and get your own salad delivery going. 

Disclaimer: I was given complimentary salads to try out Farmer’s Fix delivery service. I was not further compensated for this review and all opinions stated here are my own.

5 thoughts on “farmer’s fix salad delivery

  1. Great options there. I like that one of the salads had pistachios. Man, that was a lot of parsley. I still think of it as a garnish rather than as something to eat in a salad. I can see how this service is timesaving as well. I myself don’t enjoy washing and drying lettuce leaves, chopping stuff, etc.

    Heh heh, poo to olives. I actually like them but in moderation.

    1. Hi CC – Yeah, I don’t really use parsley as a main ingredient, more as an enhancer. It was off putting to me to have that much parsley in a salad! Ugh, olives are definitely on my “do not eat” list haha.

  2. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your thoughts! We make these fresh every week by hand, so we’re sorry we accidentally included the olives :/

    We appreciate the feedback on parsley! Our menu goals are to prepare flavor profiles that people otherwise would not make at home, and the Quinoa salad seemed to have missed with you ๐Ÿ™ however, we’re stoked you loved our sweet chili dressing ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks again, and we hope that we can be San Diego’s healthy lunch choice~

    1. Hello! It’s okay, the olives are easily removed since they were whole – no worries on that part! The sweet chili dressing was AWESOME – you guys should bottle that stuff! Good luck on your delivery service!

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