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Every other Monday I go down to see my chiropractor and when I was leaving from his office, I spotted a new tea place that had just opened up called Kung Fu Tea. Dr. Gilmour came out when he saw he hanging outside looking at the Kung Fu Tea shop and vouched for it, telling me it was really good. I was totally in the mood for some milk tea so I went in.

Kung Fu Tea | San Diego, CA

This is my “I’m driving, oh crap someone is behind me” shot of the exterior. Classy.

Front counter at Kung Fu Tea | San Diego, CA

It’s very spacious once you step inside of Kung Fu Tea. Kung Fu Tea is a national chain and this is the first location in San Diego. There are two other locations in California and the rest are peppered all over the US.

Decor at Kung Fu Tea | San Diego, CA

I loved the decor in here!

Interior at Kung Fu Tea | San Diego, CA

Lots of cool painting. I also liked the low-to-the-ground stools which are really good for short people like me. 

Interior at Kung Fu Tea | San Diego, CA

Kung fu dudes - Kung Fu Tea | San Diego, CA

Kung fu dudes! The one on top to the right kind of looks like Bruce Lee. Maybe it’s supposed to be Bruce Lee, I have no idea. 

Menu Wall - Kung Fu Tea | San Diego, CA

The menu wall.

Menu - Kung Fu Tea | San Diego, CA

And a little closer up shot of the choices that are available. I just realized I didn’t take a photo of the menu with prices on it… d’oh. 

Customization Options at Kung Fu Tea | San Diego, CA

You are able to really customize the tea to your liking and they give you little tips on how to do it. The milk, ice, and sweetness levels can all be controlled. 

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a very friendly gentlemen who told me a little bit about their shop and some of the offerings they have and what was very popular. He steered me towards a drink I probably wouldn’t have chosen on my own but at his suggestion I was more than willing to try it. After I told him I wanted a milk tea, he told me his favorites were the honey milk teas and that they use honey as the sweetener. I told him I don’t like it too sweet and he suggested 50% sweetness since 30% you can barely taste any honey at all. He also suggested the Oolong tea and as I hadn’t tried that as a milk tea, I agreed. 


Toppings are extra but if you check in on Yelp, you get a free topping! I picked Boba.

Honey Milk Tea with Boba - Kung Fu Tea | San Diego, CA

[medium honey oolong milk tea with boba / $3.50 – normally $4.00]

One sip of this creamy tea and I was hooked! I loved the flavor of the oolong tea. It wasn’t strong or too potent and had a bit of a floral accent.

Honey Milk Tea with Boba - Kung Fu Tea | San Diego, CA

I thought this had the perfect amount of milk in it. It was creamy and a little rich. The honey tasted wonderful in this. It wasn’t super sweet but I could still taste the honey swirled around inside of my tea. The boba were nice and chewy and had an excellent consistency to them. I’ve been relutant to try new milk teas because the places I’ve tried that weren’t Tea Station didn’t have customization options and always tasted a little off to me. But I was very glad I tried Kung Fu Tea as I loved the helped suggestions, the ability to customize the tea to my liking, and overall the flavor of this tea. I finally found something I like more than Tea Station (don’t worry, Tea Station, I still lubs you)! 

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Kung Fu Tea (FB)
4869 Convoy St
San Diego, CA
(858) 384-6497

6 thoughts on “kung fu tea | kearny mesa

    1. Hi CC – I like that it’s very customizable! You can really get everything made to your liking which is very nice. I like options. 🙂

  1. I loooove their oolong milk tea here! The service here is so friendly, especially compared with Sharetea just a few doors down, haha.

    1. Hi Jinxi – I really liked the tea here! Yeah… Sharetea I remember the lady basically telling me what I should order, not really as a suggestion haha. I liked the tea here more than at Sharetea as well. It was so good!

    1. I haven’t tried the Oolong from Sharetea – I think I just tried black tea and green tea. I like FKT a little bit more than Sharetea myself.

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