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I’m always looking out for new restaurants near my office since I love variety and I love checking out new places. I get uber bored when I end up going to the same places again and again, especially since I live and work in the same area. I need new foods in my life! When I discovered there was a new gastropub like place nearby I knew I had to go and scope it out.

Legacy Brewing Tap and Kitchen | Miramar - San Diego, CA

Legacy Brewing Tap and Kitchen is off Miramar Road, taking over the spot where Champs Pub and Deli used to be. You can’t see it from Miramar Road at all but it’s in the building that’s behind Woody’s Burgers where the rest of the parking is. It’s tucked into the corner of a building in the back. There’s a sign for Legacy off Distribution Ave. to help you find it. 

Legacy’s original location is in Oceanside but they only serve beer there. I’m glad there’s food at this location!

Interior at Legacy Brewing Tap and Kitchen | Miramar - San Diego, CA

It’s a pretty simple looking pub. All of their tables are adorned with their logo and there are a few TV’s showing various sports. On my first visit I was the only one not sitting at the bar. I hate bar stools, man. It takes too much effort for me to get onto a bar stool. I usually need to have Jake come support me while I try and scramble up into the seat. Stupid short legs. 

Menu - Legacy Brewing Tap and Kitchen | Miramar - San Diego, CA

I couldn’t find their menu on their website but I did spy it on Yelp so I made sure to include it here. Sorry, I didn’t photograph the beer list. There are three pages of beer but their website does list out the beers they brew.

Beer Menu - Legacy Brewing Tap and Kitchen | Miramar - San Diego, CA

I didn’t try any of the beer but they have $2 tasters and they also have a Guava beer that I might need to try in the very near future.

Board Games at Legacy Brewing Tap and Kitchen | Miramar - San Diego, CA

If you’re planning on hanging out here for awhile, they also have board games! I was wondering why there were golf clubs and then finally noticed on my second visit there’s a little green outside for a little putt putt golf. 

Duck Toastada at Legacy Brewing Tap and Kitchen | Miramar - San Diego, CA

[duck tostada / $5]

In the name of research I ordered two things on my first visit since I wanted to try extra things. The first thing I tried was the duck tostada. The tostada comes with shredded duck, pomegranate mole (with some pomegranate seeds), red onion and a little soft cheese (queso fresco, I believe) all on a blue corn tortilla. The tortilla above looks green though and I account that to it being the day after St. Patrick’s Day. It’s not a huge tostada but I felt it was the perfect size for me that day. The shell was thin and quite crunchy but it fell apart very easily. I couldn’t really pick it up to eat it and instead had to just break off pieces to stuff it into my mouth. There was a mix of sweetness from the pomegranate mole and little bursts of sweet from the seeds and also a savory tangy component with the duck. I really liked the mix of flavors! 

Pork Belly Grilled Cheese at Legacy Brewing Tap and Kitchen | Miramar - San Diego, CA

[pork belly grilled cheese / $10]

For my real meal lunch, I opted to try the Pork Belly Grilled Cheese. Smooshed inside the sandwich is provolone cheese, cheddar cheese, thick slices of pork belly AND bacon and a sweet hoisin BBQ sauce. 

Sandwich closeup - Legacy Brewing Tap and Kitchen | Miramar - San Diego, CA

 It’s very gooey and cheesy. The pork belly was almost like having pork loin slices or pork chop slices – it was quite thick and meaty. I thought the bread was over toasted as the edges were too hard. The hoisin sauce was a little overpowering since the flavor and taste of it took over a bit and made it harder to distinguish the other flavors in the sandwich. I loved the idea of this sandwich but not so much the execution of it. 

The sandwich also come with some french fries which were a mixed bag. Some fries were cooked well while other fries tasted undercooked. They used a good flaky salt though which made me happy. I didn’t try the pickled veggies. Surely you know why. 

Sweet Chicken Wings - Legacy Brewing Tap and Kitchen | Miramar - San Diego, CA

[chicken wings with sweet sauce / $5]

I went again later that week with my co-workers and decided to try a few of their appetizers. I went with an order of chicken wings. You have a choice between three different sauces: spicy, sweet, or hot. I picked sweet. You get four pretty large sized wings with your order and they have a really lovely, very crispy batter on them. The wings were very tender and juicy and surprisingly very meaty. I really enjoyed the sweet sauce which was thankfully NOT a Thai Sweet Chili sauce (everyone seems to use that for their sweet sauce). It was more like a sweetish glaze, akin to a BBQ sauce, but not heavily drenched. I really enjoyed these wings!

Soft Pretzels - Legacy Brewing Tap and Kitchen | Miramar - San Diego, CA

[soft pretzels / $7]

I was in a bready-carb mood and also choose the soft pretzels. I was pleasantly surprised to get a fryer basket with four long sticks of pretzels. It comes with two sauces: “That Guava” mustard which is made with the Guava beer and a beer cheese sauce. I preferred the beer cheese though I wish the cheese had been warmed. The pretzels had a nice outer crunch and a lovely soft middle with plenty of pretzel salt. These were quite delicious! It was fun seeing them as sticks instead of the usual twist.

I’ll definitely be back here to sample more of their offerings. It’s so close to work that it will definitely become a part of my regular rotation. 

Legacy Brewing Tap and Kitchen
7060 Miramar Rd.
San Diego, CA 92121

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4 thoughts on “legacy brewing tap and kitchen / miramar

  1. Everything you had looked good, especially that duck tostada. OMG.

    I don’t like sitting at barstools either. I like to have some sort of back support.

    I like that there are lot of good places to eat in your neck of the woods. It’s kind of boring down here in suburbian eastern cv.

    1. Hi CC – The tostada was pretty yummy and so colorful! Oh yeah, I also hate the lack of back support on stools. I’m glad there are new things popping up around Miramar! Makes lunch much more interesting.

  2. I hope this place does well. I sometimes visit this strip mall for the drive thru Starbucks and Savory Buffet. I saw this place when it was Champs but never visited b/c it always seemed so dark and dreary? I wonder if this place can sustain itself when Ballast Pt is now so close by. I was giggling b/c I seriously think you could create a new dish called pork lion b/c that actually sounds really exotic and delicious for some reason. Like make a sandwich with the face of a lion somehow. Me likes. Those wings look good – did they give you about 4 pieces for $5?

    1. Hi Faye – Yeah, I never went to Champs, didn’t seem too interesting to me. They have their own beer and there’s a lot of little micro breweries in this area (Saint Archer is like next door down Distribution Ave and there’s also Rough Draft, Mike Hess, AleSmith, 32 North, in addition to Ballast Point). This area is like the craft brew mecca or something. Still haven’t gone to Ballast for lunch! It’s next on my list. And yes, it was 4 pieces of wings for $5. Not bad for such meaty wings!

      Sigh, pork lion. I’ll be fixing that right after I post this comment, damn it.

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