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Mary is a San Diego native and has been a food blogger for 11+ years. She is an avid reader, a lover of puppies, and loves trying new food. Foods she loves: sweets, peanut butter, pasta, Triscuit crackers with cream cheese, and extra nuts on top of her sundaes. Food she dislikes: pickles, really spicy food, runny eggs, olives, and too much arugula.

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  1. Jinxi says:

    Ooh the wings at Toronado sound delicious! I’ll have to try them out sometime =D Looks like an awesome crawl!

    • mary says:

      Thanks, Jinxi! It was fun! I have no idea what kind of crawl we’ll do next, but it was nice to just be able to walk to each place. The grilled wings were the best! That’s how I like to make them at home, too.

  2. Your pictures look nice! If I end up posting my other wing week tastes, I’ll probably point here for the crawl details (your post is perfect). Thanks for letting me join! =)

  3. Sorry I missed the wing crawl because I had another craw going on that day. Sad panda. πŸ™

    South Park Abbey 1 wing deal? = fail. Toronado’s grilled wings on the hand hand = win!

    Looks like y’all had a great time and were able to try a variety of tasty wings. πŸ™‚

    • mary says:

      The weird one wing deal was actually at Endzone because they changed their product. It was lame. We had a pretty good variety of wings and sauces – it was fun trying them out! Sometimes it’s hard to remember the differences between wings – until you eat a bunch in one day. Hah!

  4. What a rough life! Looks like a delicious time!

  5. The duck buns were ok but nothing to rave about.

    And HOLY MANGO indeed….

    Had a great time wing crawling :)) And eating the donuts on the way home was a nice dessert after all that chicken!

    • mary says:

      Yeah, the buns were okay. Still fun to try though. Ugh, the mango one… don’t want it!

      I’m glad you were able to join us! Fun times! I didn’t try the donuts until a few hours later hehe.

  6. Oops I meant Endzone not South Park Abbey.

  7. Faye says:

    I’m amazed your pics turned out wonderfully considering how much sauce were on the wings (I expected hot sauce smudges on all the pictures somehow). I can’t believe that one place wanted $5 for one (pork) wing. What a rip. I think I’d be most curious to try the Korean style fried chicken wings but I suppose you can get that version at the Zion chicken restaurant (inside the market). Looks like you guys had fun!

    • mary says:

      Hi Faye – I managed to not get my camera covered in sauce, thank you. Haha πŸ™‚ Yeah, I think the bartender at Endzone could tell we were like “WTF?” about the ONE lone “wing”. I have to admit, I was still curious though. I wish someone nearby had ordered it so I could see it. Boohoo, wing week is over now. Back to trying out happy hours!

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