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I’m always poking around on Yelp at lunchtime to see if anything new has popped up in my office’s area. And there was something new! A sushi place pretty close by. My cohorts and I went to check it out. It’s called Deli Sushi and Desserts.


I didn’t take a photo of the outside but it’s totally in a warehouse area with a little banner declaring it’s presence. “I’m here! I’m here!” it tries to shout, but your mind is like, “Why on earth would a sushi place be HERE?”

The inside has this vast cavern-like industrial-like feel. There are a few tables and some barstools. 


And also this lounge area. They’re open late Thursday-Saturday. They have a DJ on Thursday nights. I think in their hearts they also want to be a club.

Menu at Deli Sushi and Desserts in San Diego / This Tasty Life

They menu is printed on the wall next to where you order. I wish they made the text a little bigger but I had looked online at the menu already. Note that they only accept cash

Milky Green Tea - Deli Sushi and Desserts in San Diego / This Tasty Life

[iced green tea / $3]

I really just wanted water but the lady at the counter said they only had bottled water. This made me roll my eyes on the inside. Fine. You don’t want to provide cups for water then I’ll try one of your drinks. 

I got the iced green tea which I figured would be JUST green tea. And instead I get this murky looking liquid pea soup thing. I quirked an eyebrow and tried it and immediately disliked it. What on earth did they put in here?! It tasted like soy-something and I noticed that shaking and swirling didn’t even out the color. It stayed darker on the bottom. I wish they had put a note on what exactly is in here on the menu… so I can avoid it in the future.

Minion also got this drink and we both made weird faces after drinking it. So see. It’s not just me who thinks this!

I wish I had gotten the Mostra cold brew coffee instead. Sigh. 

Caterpillar Roll - Deli Sushi and Desserts in San Diego / This Tasty Life

[caterpillar roll / $6]

I ordered two rolls. One was the Caterpillar Roll. It comes with avocado with eel sauce on top. Mmmm… avocado.

Caterpillar Roll - side view - Deli Sushi and Desserts in San Diego / This Tasty Life

And inside there is eel, shredded crab and cucumber. I liked the amount of avocado on top! I’m not any kind of sushi expert or anything but this tasted fine to me. It wasn’t mind blowing but I still liked it. And the price is right for eight pieces of sushi! I even managed to use chopsticks for the most part until my hand started to cramp. My hands don’t like using chopsticks. 

Avocado Roll - Deli Sushi and Desserts in San Diego / This Tasty Life

[avocado roll / $3]

I also got an avocado roll to round out my avocado obsession. It’s pretty much just rice and avocado. Nothing else. But that’s what I was expecting. The avocado was fresh and creamy and tasted good with the rice. I mean, can you really complain about a three dollar roll that has eight pieces? No, I don’t think you can.

Tiger Roll with Spicy Tuna Roll - Deli Sushi and Desserts in San Diego / This Tasty Life

[tiger roll and spicy tuna roll / $6 and $3]

This is Minion’s order. He got a Tiger Roll (bottom) that came with salmon, avocado, and ponzu sauce on top (uh, I don’t see avocado, but that’s what the menu states) with shredded crab, cucumber and avocado on the inside. Above that is the Spicy Tuna Roll which has tuna and cucumber.

He seemed to think they were okay enough. Maybe he’ll comment and tell you what he really thinks.

Or maybe he won’t.

Let’s wait and see!

California Roll - Deli Sushi and Desserts in San Diego / This Tasty Life

[california roll / $3]

Minion also got a California Roll. He thought I wouldn’t want to take a photo of it because it’s “just a California roll”. Come on now, Minion. You should know me better than that by now. 

Seaweed Salad - Deli Sushi and Desserts in San Diego / This Tasty Life

[seaweed salad / $4]

Matty Matt got a seaweed salad to start. It looks a little neon green to me. Is it supposed to look like that?

Eel Roll - Deli Sushi and Desserts in San Diego / This Tasty Life

[unagi roll / $3]

On the receipt it said “eel roll” but the menu says “unagi roll”. It came with eel, cucumber and avocado with eel sauce drizzled all over it.

Spicy Tuna Roll - Deli Sushi and Desserts in San Diego / This Tasty Life

[spicy tuna roll / $3]

Matty Matt also got a spicy tuna roll. I don’t eat tuna. At all. Don’t put it near me. 

I think our general consensus was, “Well… it was all right.” Not terrible, but also not super fabulous. It’s fairly cheap though and if you stuck to only getting $3 rolls or $6 rolls you’ll have yourself a cheap, affordable lunch. They also have $8 Premium Rolls (if you want to be a high roller) and also plenty of salads. 

As the name of the place states they do also have desserts like ice cream and snow ice but I wasn’t quite in the mood for dessert (I know, right? What’s happening here?).

I’d come back since it’s really close to my work and it’s fairly cheap, but I wouldn’t expect an out-of-body oh-my-god-it’s-good experience here. It is what it is. Cheap, quick, decent sushi for lunch.

Link Love:
Kirbie posted about this place not too long ago! Check out her post here for another perspective.

Deli Sushi and Desserts
8680 Miralani Dr. #122
San Diego, CA 92126
Cash Only

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8 thoughts on “deli sushi and desserts / miramar

  1. I’m here! I’m here! *catches breath*

    If my review had to be the size of a 140-character tweet – which is something Mary and I totally joke about doing for realsies – it would be as follows:

    “You get what you pay for. $3 rolls yes, $6 maybe. Green tea shouldn’t have milk. EDM is not good for digestion. Wish I tried the dessert.”


  2. What is it with these warehouse spaces trying to be restaurants. I was recently at some hipster coffee joint on the outskirts of Little Italy and it had that cavernous feel. The seaweed salad I’ve tried before looked liked yours – some bits are practically a fluorescent green! That green tea drink looked like a slushy. Sorry it sucked.

    I can’t do twitter, haha. I’m too verbose.

    1. Hi CC – I have no idea. Why can’t they just make a ceiling? I forgot to mention in my post they were also playing club-like music. God, I did not like that drink. I didn’t even finish it! I tried, since I paid for it, but I just couldn’t do it.

      I can see your imaginary twitter being full of multiple messages that string together. Heehee.

  3. What? You don’t like tuna either? So you hate pickles and tuna…what else? I am trying to think of what food items I hate.. hmmm other than badly prepared food, I cant think of any right now.

    Avocados make everything better (like corn and sriracha lol). Wow what a bargain. It seems like decent work lunch food…nearby, cheap, edible… that is one thing I don’t miss about working in an office, -scavenging around for a place to eat. I hate work break food. When I didn’t bring lunch, it was often Subway or whatever was cheap and nearby. The costs add up to eat mediocre food regularly. So that is one thing I actually love about working in a kitchen….I don’t ever have to pay to eat my meals. The sad part is when we are too busy to even eat on some nights. But having access to whatever food items is not so bad.

    1. I also hate rye bread. And black licorice. That’s all that comes to mind at the moment, haha. Avocados are the BEST. I feel like I could eat avocado every day and not get sick of it. The best part is that Jake doesn’t like avocado so I get to have ALL of his whenever he gets it with something. YESSSS. The sushi place is decent. It’s cheap at least and good for a quick lunch spot. I’ll probably go back, but I doubt I’d get the “pricy” rolls. 🙂

  4. I hate it when places only have bottled water. I recently read that this one restaurant in Del Mar is charging .50c/pp for TAP WATER. So I’m wondering if this place does bottle water for water conservation or for profit? Would you pay .50c for tap water though. I wouldn’t 🙁 I’d just eat and then rush home to drink my water there.

    I heard about deli sushi too. I’m always looking for a great deal on sushi but this place kinda reminds me of Sushi Deli. It’s cheap but there’s not much substance to it. I’d still try it out though b/c maybe there’s something on the menu that might be ‘hey not too bad for whatever price’.

    I remember a time when I hated avo. Not sure why . Now I want it on everything.

    1. That much be some special freakin tap water to charge 50 cents a person for it! Do they import it from Oregon?? (They have the best tap water which is really just run-off mountain water, geez). I’m pretty sure they did it for profit, since otherwise they’d have to buy cups to serve the water in and they only use disposables for serving the food. I’m bringing my own water in the future. Jake doesn’t like avocado but he’ll eat it if necessary. I just read an article that said eating 1 avocado a day is good for you to help lower cholesterol, which is just going to fuel my avocado obsession.

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