fish sauce wings + pretzel crust pizza from little caesars

Earlier this week after Jake played a game of softball, I was RAGING hungry. I felt like I wanted to punch something because it felt like my stomach was punching me back.


“Okay, stomach. Geez. Take a chill pill.”

After his game I really, really wanted some chicken wings and I ended up getting an order of deliciously crispy and slightly sweet Fish Sauce Wings from Que Huong.

Fish Sauce Wings from Que Huong in San Diego, CA

[fish sauce wings from que huong / $9.95 (small)]

This is an older photo from a revisit I did with Jake and T that I never posted about. Our wings from this week were in an ugly styrofoam container, haha. I remember the first time T tried this he didn’t want to eat them because he thought they were going to be fishy. Heehee. The wings were awesome. The skin was crispy and delicious and the sauce is slightly sweet. Jake and I are thinking of doing a Chicken Wing crawl as our next crawl and I think these definitely need to be on the list!

Que Huong
4134 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92105
(619) 281-6008

Little Caesars is in the same lot as Que Huong and Jake requested that we try their new Pretzel Crust pizza.

Soft Pretzel Crust Pizza from Little Caesars


They have these as “Hot n’ Ready” pizzas with pepperoni on them but Jake knows me well enough to not get that. Yes, I will wait a few extra minutes to avoid pepperoni.

Pretzel Crust Pizza / Little Caesars

He opted for bacon as the topping. I wouldn’t have picked bacon, either, but at least it wasn’t pepperoni. The photo of the pizza we got doesn’t look exactly like the promo picture but it’s close-ish. I have no idea what happened to the bottom right corner there, it looks totally jacked up like it was in a knife fight before popping into the oven.

Pretzel Crust Pizza / Little Caesars

The top part of the pizza looked much more like a soft pretzel. The crust was actually my favorite part as it did have a similar chew to a soft pretzel. They put too much salt on the crust as well, but that’s an easy fix. 

I didn’t care for the cheddar cheese sauce they put on the pizza though. It felt a little too heavy to me and I wasn’t too crazy about the tiny bits of bacon, either. I like longer pieces of bacon, but then again, I am super picky. Jake got a side of “crazy sauce” (aka tomato sauce) and I liked the pizza more with a little tomato sauce on top. I think I’d enjoy this more if it had a normal sauce instead of the weird cheddar cheese sauce on it. I did really like the crust though and kind of just ate that part. 

I don’t think I’ll be jonesing for the pretzel crust pizza anytime soon, but I’d probably eat it again. At least the pretzel crust part.

Little Caesars Pizza
Multiple Locations

6 thoughts on “fish sauce wings + pretzel crust pizza from little caesars

  1. Me! Me! Me! I totally wanna go on this wing crawl. Didn’t I suggest it after your crazy cupcake crawl? =P

    I haven’t eaten at little ceasars in years. Papa Johns seemed the choice of all our friends when we did get takeout pizza. For some reason the smell of papa johns makes me feel sick, at least when there’s a chicken topping. Boo hoo. Dennis and I like homemade pizza… we should attempt a pretzel crust!

    1. Hi Lynn! I’ll put you down for a yes to the wing crawl haha 🙂 you probably did suggest it! We don’t usually get “chain” pizza anymore since there’s awesome local pizza nearby, but Jake had been curious about this one for awhile! I’m sure homemade pretzel crust would be so much better!

  2. Oh I’ve never tried fish sauce wings! I think Phoung Trang has a version of that as well.

    I haven’t had Little Caesars pizza in ages!!! I just remember their commercial jingle being real catchy. And that they use non-mozz cheese for their pizzas. This pretzel pizza looks super good though! I’m going to look for one close to my place right now.

    1. Mmm, the fish sauce wings are so good! They also have tamarind wings but I like the fish sauce ones better. I don’t eat little Caesars very often but the pretzel crust wasn’t toooooo awful.

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