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Since it’s been awhile since I took some of these photos, I must come to the conclusion I’ll never do a “proper” full-fledged post. And since I’m feeling lazy before the big start of the holidays, you get this mis-match of photos and little stories of a few places I visited with my co-workers.

On Friday’s I give my co-workers a choice between two places – usually places I really want to visit or sound interesting to me. Here’s a few other places we’ve gone to in the last few months.


This is from an “well I guess we’ll go here…” lunch that happened after we tried to go to this pizza spot near our office. They ran out of pizza during the lunch rush and rather than sit around and wait for some slices, we hopped over here to Taste of Lebanon. I suckered myself into getting some gyro meal deal and I ended up with this. Let’s just say that I was not impressed in any way. The bread wasn’t that fresh, the meat was a bit on the dry side, and I didn’t have nearly enough sauce to smother over my gyro. This is not the thing to order, that’s what I know.


I have no idea why I didn’t write about Green Acre properly. I kept meaning to do it and then… oops. I didn’t.

I think this is David’s sandwich – the “Mary’s Chicken BLT”.


I ordered this from the “Brick Oven Bar”. They didn’t have the mushroom one I wanted and I remembered I pouted a little about that. Instead I got the “Purist” but added sausage to it. Probably would have been better without the sausage, but still pretty damn tasty. It came with what seemed like a head of lettuce for a salad with it.


And then I also got fries because I’m insane and think I have two stomachs. The fries were excellent though, with a touch of herbs.


Pretty much the number one reason I wanted to visit Specialty’s Cafe is because A) they have cookies and B) they have a cookie notification system on their website to tell you when they have fresh, hot cookies. Goodness me.

This is the peanut butter and chocolate which is totally freaking awesome. It’s thick and tall. It’s soft and chewy in the middle with nice crispy edges. The chocolate was still kind of melty though it wasn’t hot anymore. YUM.


The first time I went here I used their order online system and had my food waiting for me when I arrived. I only talked to one person to get my parking ticket validated and then I picked up my order from their bookcase near the book and I was OUT. My order was actually wrong, but lucky for them I still really liked the sandwich.

The second time I went with co-workers and this is what I got. I don’t remember the name of this sandwich, maybe a Club but with avocado on it. I loved the poppy seed bread – I remember that much! The inside of the bread was so nice and soft and I loved the taste of the poppy seeds with it.

The other photos I took here were kind of crappy, that’s probably why I didn’t write about this one! Crappy photos = Mary doesn’t want to write about it.


Okay, this last one is not a lunching outing since I would never drink on my lunch break! Light weights cannot do such a thing!

This is an after-work thing where a bunch of us had bought deals for a beer tasting at White Labs. They are ALL ABOUT THE YEAST, YO. Like… yeah. Seriously about the yeast. I took Stacey as my date since it was a 2 for 1 tasting. I could not drink this much beer. You also got another pint in addition to these tasters. Goodness. I gave all the ones I didn’t like to Matt since he didn’t have someone to share with 2 for 1 with and it’s probably not wise to drink this much all by yourself.

I have nothing else to say about this though. Beer. Wooo, beer. This is why this is a food blog and not a drink blog: I have nothing to say about beverages. Sorry, beer.

So there’s my little quick look at a few places I went to with co-workers! Back to real posts again soon. Happy Oh-My-God-How-Is-It-Almost-Thanksgiving-The-Holidays-Are-Coming-Help Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “lunching with co-workers

  1. Ohhhhh I LOVE Specialty’s!! They have an amazing Turkey/Brie/Apple/Bacon ciabatta sandwich that I adore (minus the apples). Did you know you can seriously add like 5 more items onto your sandwich without being charged (i.e sprouts, cucumbers, arugula, etc). So I usually try to stuff my sandwich to the max 🙂 And yes , OMG, there’s nothing better than getting one of their semi sweet chocolate cookies HOT OUTTA THE OVEN. Augh, now you’re making me want to go there for lunch today!

    Happy Thanksgiving Eve !

    1. Ohhh… I must gotten distracted by cookies because I didn’t notice a turkey/brie sandwich! I actually prefer brie on it’s own without meat, but that’s just me. I think I did know about adding on stuff since I used the online ordering system before. I’m still a simple girl though but it’s awesome they let you do that. It’s like gourmet Subway haha. Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you, Faye!

  2. I usually get the day old cookies from Specialty’s. They are still pretty good and half the price. 🙂
    You can’t get them through their online ordering system though.

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