red velvet donuts at granny’s donuts / lakewood, ca

Recently I was in Los Angeles county for a wedding. When we got off the freeway, Heather had requested a quick stop at a Starbucks for coffee and food and right next door to the Starbucks was this:


Granny’s Donuts & Cookies Too

Yeah, there are only two dots at the end. Maybe they’re trying to say that they sell two things? And therefore only need two dots instead of the full three…

I’ve no idea.

But I chuckled at the name and the old-style look and gave it a quick look-up on Yelp and discovered they had red velvet donuts.

You know what that means!


It means I made Jake drive over there so we could get some.

This is the glazed red velvet donut. They only had one of those. I claimed it as my own.


And just to compare, I got an unglazed one, too.

They were both a deep, dark red just like their cakey counterpart. There was also a very tiny hint of chocolate in these cake donuts so I would say they’re pretty true to form.

They had a nice slight crunch (a sign of a fresher donut). I preferred the glazed one for the extra texture and sweetness.

I don’t know if I would go out of my way for one of these again, but I’d totally be into seeing if I can score a red velvet donut somewhere in San Diego. Anyway know of a place where a girl can get herself a red velvet donut? Inquiring minds full of donut dreams want to know.

I kind of want to have a donut tasting now.

Granny’s Donuts & Cookies Too
Multiple Locations
5550 Woodruff Ave
Lakewood, CA 90713

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Author: Mary

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13 Replies to “red velvet donuts at granny’s donuts / lakewood, ca

  1. “I claimed it as my own”! haha! Yeah! I liked that you got the unglazed one too to “compare”!

    NIce and unexpected stop there! I haven’t seen a red velvet donut yet in SD. If anything, maybe the donut bar downtown makes one?

    1. Always have to compare for science, right? 🙂

      I have seen a red velvet donut sometimes on the donut bar menu. I haven’t managed to make it down there yet. I’ll have to keep an eye out – maybe there’s some little shop around town that has red velvet donuts, too!

  2. I’ve seen it listed on the Donut Bar menu.

    I’ve also seen both glazed and regular red velvet donuts at Donut Touch in Scripps Ranch, although I haven’t been there in ages. It’s worth checking out!

    1. Oo, thanks Tiffany! Donut Touch is close by so I can definitely try that out. Donut Bar will have to be saved for a special day when I actually feel like going Downtown haha.

  3. Donut Touch on Scripps Poway Parkway and Scripps Summit Drive (attached to the Arco AM/PM and the Carwash) does a red velvet donut. I think you have to get it early though.

  4. Hi Mary! I stopped by Mary’s Donuts yesterday for a Christmas donut run and they had red velvet donuts with cream cheese frosting. It was fantastic. I wish I had bought more than 2 because I really want one right now. Haven’t tried Donut Touch in Scripps but that one is definitely closer so I’ll have to make an effort.

    1. Oh nice! I haven’t tried them from Mary’s yet but now that I know they make them sometimes I’ll have to try and get in there for those. Yummy! You have to go early in the day for Donut Touch’s, they usually close by early afternoon.

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