el salvador pupuseria y restaurante / city heights – san diego, ca


Mary is a San Diego native and has been a food blogger for 11+ years. She is an avid reader, a lover of puppies, and loves trying new food. Foods she loves: sweets, peanut butter, pasta, Triscuit crackers with cream cheese, and extra nuts on top of her sundaes. Food she dislikes: pickles, really spicy food, runny eggs, olives, and too much arugula.

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  1. hi mary – this is one of those places i’ve been meaning to try but haven’t yet…

    i really like pupusas…my favorite is the revuelta (mixed with pork, cheese and beans and loroco).

    your food photos are fantastic and i love the “above” shot!

    you should also try el salvadoreno (on imperial ave)…i’m sure you’d like their stuff there too.

    • mary says:

      Hi CC – Mmm, pupusas are maybe my new favorite thing. I totally want to check out a few other places! Thanks for the tip! I read about one in Golden Hills, too, I think but don’t remember the name of it… I think I saw it on Yelp.

    • mary says:

      Okay, I just looked it up, it was El Salvadoreno I read about it! Grant Hills, not Golden! I’ll definitely check it out!

  2. sometimes you can get pupusa in the mexican markets. one of my friends got some in northgate (don’t remember which one), and they also sell it at the food window at mercado internacional 2000 (in CV).

  3. Cathy says:

    Definitely at the Northgate on 43rd at the 805.

    There is a pupuseria in El Cajon; it is very good, tiny and has one Yelp review in 2012, after having been there forever:http://mmm-yoso.typepad.com/mmmyoso/2010/12/pupuseria-salvadoreña-mexican-food-a-re-visit.html

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