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This is another “Wooo, I bought coupons” kind of post. But this time, I bought two coupons and went here twice before I blogged about it! Fancy that.

This is La Crêpe Fraîche is a little place tucked into a shopping/business center in Sorrento Valley. It’s outside of the regular old food court and sits in its own little location next to a liquor store. It’s almost a weird spot, but it makes sense if you think about the lunch time crowd that flocks to this place in the middle of Sorrento Valley. I visited on two different Saturday’s and the place was dead, but luckily La Crêpe Fraîche is open on Saturday otherwise I would have never bought the coupon!

One Saturday morning I went down here to try out some of their offerings and get a little reading in. I’m well on my way to accomplishing my goal of reading 25 books this year (I’ve finished 18 so far). Woo!

On my first visit, I fully intended to buy a cupcake to eat later. And then I discovered I didn’t have my wallet in my purse. Luckily my coupon covered my bill minus about 50 cents which I had in my change pouch. Leaving my wallet at home ruined my plans of getting any other errands done that day since as soon as I got back home I had zero desire to go back out again.

My first crepe that I ordered was the small Crêpe Lorraine. The smaller crepes run about $5 or less while the larger crepes are around $7-8. Getting 2 smaller crepes let me get up to my $10 coupon without going too far over.

Crepe Lorraine | La Crepe Fraiche - San Diego, CA

Here’s the inside of the crepe – it’s filled with bacon, green onions and cheese. It kind of looks like tomato in this photo, but its just finely chopped bacon. The first few bites were wonderful – the smokey bacon flavor with a little green onions and the oozing cheese. The crepe is light and thin and very good. But, I must say that a little over half way through the flavor of the bacon became really intense and rich. I felt like I needed something else to break up the rich bacon, like some spinach or a side dish. By itself it was just too much of the same, strong, intense flavor and I didn’t finish it. It’s really good in the beginning but really needs something else to break it up! Wish I had a little salad or something to go with it.

Caramel Crepe | La Crepe Fraiche - San Diego, CA

This is also the first dessert crepe I ordered. I don’t remember the name of this one (it’s not on the website) but the crepe is filled simply with caramel sauce and there’s an almond brittle with chantilly creme. This again suffered from the “it’s too much! it’s too rich!” fate. The caramel alone was good but really intense. Major sugar rush after eating this.

Crepe Au Jambon | La Crepe Fraiche - San Diego, CA

On my second visit, I decided to try the Crêpe au Jambon which has diced ham and cheese in it. This crepe got a little “extra crisp” on the outer part there but didn’t seem to effect the crepe too negatively. Again, same with the other crepes – totally awesome at first and then I got tired of eating ham. I didn’t seem to learn the lesson of ordering a salad or something with this. Don’t make the same mistake as me (unless you’re sharing with someone).

Nutella Crepe | La Crepe Fraiche - San Diego, CA

And then we come to the very best crepe I had, the crepe I wish I had ordered the first time. The Nutella Crêpe. So simple. So good. Nutella, chocolate shavings and almonds. Easily the best crepe I had there.

Cupcakes | La Crepe Fraiche - San Diego, CA

On my 2nd visit, it also happened to be the day before Father’s Day and I ended up buying a six pack of cupcakes for my dad for the occasion. I got one free, but I don’t know if it’s because I bought 4 or 5 and inadvertently bought a 6th or what. It was a little confusing. In any case, my dad totally loved these cupcakes. They are intense, rich, and very flavorful. The cakes are super moist and taste as if they were soaked in some kind of flavoring.

Flavors above (l-r, from top): Passionfruit, Hazelnut (I think), Almond, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee.

Almond Cupcake | La Crepe Fraiche - San Diego, CA

The cupcake I had was the pretty flower almond one. The cake was light and spongy with a deep almond flavoring in the batter. The cake was super moist and melted into my mouth. They’re unlike many other cupcakes I’ve had around town.

They’re made with fresh, all natural ingredients. The strawberry frosting had real strawberry in it! It was awesome.

La Crepe Fraiche - San Diego, CA

If you’re in the area, you should stop by and check these guys out! Grab a cupcake to go and sit yourself down and enjoy a crepe. They’re mighty tasty!

La Crêpe Fraîche
9430 Scranton Road, Suite 107
San Diego CA, 92121

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8 thoughts on “La Crêpe Fraîche / sorrento valley – san diego, ca

  1. Thanks for sharing about this place, and all those great photos! My brother lives close by so next time I visit (like tomorrow) I will check it out, looks delicious!

  2. too bad that place is not closer to me!!! bert used to work in that area, off of scranton road. i used to call it scrotum road. ha ha.

    well, your first dessert crepe looked fantastic! caramel and almond brittle? I haven’t seen that combination in other crepe places. sounds so good!

    the cupcakes look very nice as well – i like how there are different treatments/toppings for each cupcake, especially the one that looks like a flower with almonds. some places use the same type of piping for their cupcakes and it looks so damn boring. those cupcakes look exciting to me!

  3. Hi Leanne – It was a super duper moist cupcake! They tasted like they were soaked in a sweet liquid or something. Very tasty.

    Hi Tiffany – Hope you enjoy it!

    Hi CC – I like to call it “Scan-tron” Road! Your version is dirtier, surprise surprise 😛 The cupcakes were surprisingly very good – we left a couple of them and they totally melted – which to me means they’re all natural. haha.

    1. Hi Lisa! I don’t think this is the same one that’s at Farmer’s Markets. At least, I know the crepe people at Mira Mesa are a totally different company. There’s no mention of FM’s on their website, either, so I’m going to assume no. Hope you can pay them a visit!

  4. Finally got to stop by and try a crepe and cupcakes. I really enjoyed the passionfruit and strawberry ones. The almond was good too but the frosting on the passion fruit and strawberry were so fruity and decadent!

  5. Their cupcakes are very good – I love that they use the actual fruit for the frosting and aren’t artificial. I’ve been jonesing for a nutella crepe!

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