Fluffy Whipped Dalgona Coffee

I jumped on the internet bandwagon and I made whipped coffee! The “official” name is Dalgona Coffee but I prefer “Fluffy Whipped Coffee” because I’m a weirdo.

Fluffy Whipped Dalgona Coffee

It basically looks like coffee whipped cream. I think everyone is going nuts for because A) it looks pretty B) it’s easy to make and C) it feels like you’re being extra indulgent and really nice to yourself making this treat. 

Fluffy Coffee Ingredients

You really only need three ingredients to make this. Here you go:

Fluffy Whipped Dalgona Coffee

2 tablespoons INSTANT coffee (must be instant)

2 tablespoons sugar (I read you can use a different sugar, but it’s recommended to definitely use sugar for it to stay “fluffy”)

2 tablespoons boiling water

You dump all three things into a bowl and get out your hand mixer (or stand mixer) and whip it (whip it good) for 5 minutes.

It will change color and become this light, golden brown. 

You can also just use a regular whisk if you need an arm workout… good luck with that.

Dalgona Coffee

Iced Whipped Coffee:

Fill a glass with 8oz of milk (oat, almond, silk, 2%, whatever floats your boat) + ice

Top with the fluffy whipped mixture you just made. 

Take a photo.

Then ruin it by mixing it together properly. Ha.

Hot Whipped Coffee:

Same as above but warm your milk first! 

Step by Step Video

Check it out on my Instagram Story by clicking here.

It overflowed

I didn’t realize that the photos I saw of it all over the internet were just for show. You actually need to mix this together and you need some mixing ROOM. So pour it into a bigger cup/vessel so you can properly mix this up. The whipped coffee won’t be fluffy anymore. Sorry.

Coffee Milkshake

Here’s how it actually looks after mixing. It’s like having a coffee milkshake. It’s a little sweeter than I like but it was still tasty. I wouldn’t have this every day but it is a really fun break and it’s awesome to see how fluffy the whipped coffee gets! I recommend trying it!

One thought on “Fluffy Whipped Dalgona Coffee

  1. Thanks for sharing your post. I loved your video too!

    I also did a version of this but used different milks and ube extract. Like you, I used that Folgers instant (we had to buy it because we normally don’t drink instant coffee here). But, it would have been better for me to use espresso powder, but dagnabbit, I had thrown out my container of that since it expired two years ago. Yikes! The espresso powder is much finer in texture. I’ve used it in the past when making mocha mochi cake and also for my no churn coffee ice cream.

    So, yeah, whipping those three ingredients was the only time consuming part. I used an electric hand mixer for about five minutes.

    Instead of regular milk, I used a mixture of coconut and almond milk. I also added a few drops of Ube extract, which gave it a different flavor and also a lovely light purple color.

    I added ice cubes to mine as well. I didn’t fill up my glass all the way up to the top. I also made a double batch since I didn’t want to do the whipping thing twice. So, it was messy, at least for me, plopping the whipped coffee on top of the chilled milk.

    Gotta say that the coffee fluff itself is pretty strong. I want to try making this again but with espresso powder (need to order more but not any time soon). I ended up pouring more of the ube milk mixture into my coffee. I didn’t like stirring it up because I like seeing the layers, but my husband ended up mixing it together.

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