big kitchen cafe | south park / san diego, ca

I was recently invited to try the Big Kitchen Cafe by Josh at Polidigitial. He arranged for Jake and I to come by one Sunday […] Read More

Eclipse Chocolat | North Park / San Diego, CA

I’m a dessert girl. I love baking. I love cupcakes, decorating cakes, and all things sweet. If I spy a recipe with hazelnuts in it, […] Read More

cherry street coffee house and the sound view cafe / seattle, wa

Alyssa and I have known each other since high school, though we did not really become friends until we were both in college about 2 […] Read More

mad dogs cafe / pacific beach | san diego, ca

Ahh, another Groupon deal. If it weren’t for these sites (LivingSocial, BuyItWithMe, etc.) I would probably try less new places. But luckily they exist – […] Read More

living room cafe / college – san diego, ca

I haven’t been to the Living Room Cafe since I was in high school and at that I have never been to the one located […] Read More

opera patisserie / sorrento valley – san diego, ca

Back in the spring, I spotted that this cafe would be opening a location in Sorrento Valley, not too far from my work. The idea […] Read More

a taste of boston sports cafe / mira mesa – san diego, ca

Update: This restaurant is now closed. This little cafe is attached to Boston’s Salon and Day Spa, off Mira Mesa Blvd. It’s in a funny […] Read More

byblos cafe: lamb shank night / orange – orange county, ca

This post isn’t about a restaurant as a whole, but about a very specific food occurrence: lamb shank night at the Byblos Cafe in Orange. […] Read More

bakery & cafe – big joy family / clairemont – san diego, ca

The sign out front of this place just says “Bakery & Cafe” and in the middle of the signage there’s a URL listed “” – […] Read More

grand central cafe / downtown – san diego, ca

I’ve been spending a few days in Downtown San Diego doing my civic duty, so I’ve been trying to find places that I would normally […] Read More