civil war in huntington beach + johnny reb’s bbq in orange, ca

It’s no longer a secret that I like Civil War stuff. Well, it was never really a secret to begin with. But it’s kind of […] Read More

scottie’s smokehouse / orange – orange county, ca

In San Diego, I had Phil’s BBQ. When I moved to L.A., I found a new barbecue love, Phillip’s BBQ. Though I don’t know whether […] Read More

h. salt, esq. / orange – orange county, ca

I was sitting at a red light on Tustin Avenue in Orange, staring at all of the random small businesses, when I saw a storefront […] Read More

byblos cafe: lamb shank night / orange – orange county, ca

This post isn’t about a restaurant as a whole, but about a very specific food occurrence: lamb shank night at the Byblos Cafe in Orange. […] Read More

ristorante genovese / orange – orange county, ca

I had breakfast one morning at Arthur’s in Orange (I’ll post about it another day), and noticed an awesomely kitschy Italian restaurant (and apparently, combined […] Read More

the tartan room / orange, ca

Stacey came to visit me a couple of weeks ago. After spending a day shopping for Sleazy Lounge Party clothes and watching many episodes of […] Read More

filling station cafe / orange – orange county, ca

The Filling Station Cafe in the city of Orange, one block north of the circle, has a cute, garden atmosphere in the outside patio, and […] Read More