Fancy Treats at iDessert

Last weekend we took a little trip down to Little Italy to check out a place I’ve been wanting to visit for awhile: iDessert! The first time Jake and I tried to go here, they were having technical difficulties and had closed the shop for a few days. I was […] Read More

Italian Beef Sandwiches in Chicago

One item I was looking forward to trying in Chicago was the Italian Beef Sandwich. The only thing that turns me off about the Italian Beef sandwich is the “dip”. Dipping the bread into the beefy juices probably does give it a ton of flavor, but I can’t imagine that […] Read More

Boba and Raindrop Cakes at Vanitea Cafe

Jake, T and I were down in the South Land (aka Chula Vista) having dinner at our favorite Mandarin Chinese Restaurant for Father’s Day. T wanted to treat his dad to dinner and after our meal I wanted to check out Vanitea Cafe for a little post-dinner dessert. Vanitea Cafe […] Read More

Magnolia Bakery + Harold’s Chicken in Chicago

In the earlier part of our trip to Chicago, we took an architectural walking tour of the city. Our informative guide showed up some sights and gave us some good bits of history about Chicago which we quite enjoyed. Here we looked up and felt like the buildings were curving […] Read More

Tasty Noodle House

Taking a break from my long Chicago posts to review a place Jake and I went to last weekend called Tasty Noodle House. My co-worker, Emily, has brought the pork buns from Tasty Noodle House back to work for sampling and I quite enjoyed them. I wanted to try them […] Read More

Graduation Day + Graduation Cake!

I knew this day was coming but man… it feels like time has flown by and the day has finally come. T graduated from high school! Jake and I are so proud of him! He finally made it through and graduated with honors and in a few short weeks he’ll […] Read More

Chicago Baseball, Food, and Me

One of the goals for our trip to Chicago was, of course, to try a bunch of Chicago food. The other goal was to visit baseball stadiums. Jake’s goal is to visit all of the major league stadiums and Chicago helps us knock two off our list. Jake is into […] Read More

Brunch at Dusek’s in Chicago, IL

We chatted with a lot of people when we were in Chicago and when they found out we were from out of town, 99% of the time they said, “You picked the perfect weekend to come!” The first part of our trip it was in the cool 60s and apparently […] Read More