Mini Donuts + Milkshakes at Great Shakes in Palm Springs

A few weekends ago Jake, T, and I headed up to Palm Springs the day to check out Comic Con Palm Springs. It was a fun day filled with lots of art, our favorite Funko pops, and general geekery! After the convention I wanted to get a little snack and we headed over to a shop called Great Shakes.

Great Shakes | Palm Springs, CA

Great Shakes is a gourmet shake shop in the heart of Palm Springs, CA.

Interior - Great Shakes | Palm Springs, CA

Milkshake Makers - Great Shakes | Palm Springs, CA

The milkshakes are made with awesome, freshly made ingredients.

Old Time Candy - Great Shakes | Palm Springs, CA

Great Shakes has a cool counter with lots of candies and treats for your sweet tooth! 

Menu Side 1 - Great Shakes | Palm Springs, CA

There are a TON of different milkshake flavors available! 

Menu Side 2 - Great Shakes | Palm Springs, CA

Originally what I wanted to get was a Date Shake since those are my “go-to” milkshakes when we’re in the desert. Jake doesn’t really like date shakes and if I get one of those, then I’m stuck eating it by myself and it tends to be TOO much of a good thing. For this visit I decided to get something we’d all like!

Pistachio Shake with Mini Donut at Great Shakes | Palm Springs, CA

[pistachio milkshake with baked mini donut / $6.50 for a medium]

I ordered a medium Pistachio Milkshake. Man oh man… even from the side you can tell that there’s a lot of nuts in this shake!

Baked Mini Donut with Pistachio Milkshake - Great Shakes | Palm Springs, CA

Here at Great Shakes they use premium ice cream – they don’t freeze it to as low of a temperature so the ice cream will make a better shake. They make many of the ingredients themselves – from the whipped cream to the sauces – and you can taste the difference!

Mini Baked Donut - Great Shakes | Palm Springs, CA

If you haven’t guessed by now… then yes, it was the mini donut that sold me. I saw the mini donuts on Yelp and that’s when I decided that we were going here later in the day. Signed, sealed, delivered! The mini donut is baked and fits snugly over the straw. It was a tasty little donut, too! It had a simple vanilla glaze on top and a nice texture. It was kind of like a mini cupcake in the shape of a donut. 

Pistachio Shake Closeup - Great Shakes | Palm Springs, CA

The milkshake itself was DELICIOUS. They don’t use any artificial crap so it’s a nice creamy white color from the vanilla ice cream base. This sucker was FILLED with pistachios. I felt like every spoonful was chock full of pistachios and I was a very happy camper. It was crunchy, nutty, sweet, and salty and everything that I wanted in a pistachio milkshake. Awesome job, Great Shakes!!

T ended up liking the shake so much he decided to “do some research” and buy another milkshake. He dug right into it though so I never got a photo of it but it was good – but the Pistachio shake was better. Yum yum! If you’re ever in Palm Springs be sure to stop by and check them out!

Great Shakes
160 S Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 327-5300

2 thoughts on “Mini Donuts + Milkshakes at Great Shakes in Palm Springs

    1. Thank you, Soo! I didn’t get a macro lens. I’ve just been trying to take more closeups and playing around with the settings on my phone. The Comic Con was pretty cool! Much more low-key than the San Diego one. Less crowded and easier to get around, too. Panels weren’t as good though. Worth a visit though, I think!

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