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A few weeks ago I was going to lunch. Near my work there’s usually some food trucks. I drive by just to see what’s there and one week I noticed a setup with a full on pizza oven! I knew I had to go and check it out.

Criscito Pizza

This is Criscito Pizza, a mobile pizzeria. They set up shop every Wednesday near my work off Carroll Park Drive.

Criscito Pizza Menu

Criscito Pizza’s menu! 


I’ve seen a tub of wood next to their pizza oven so I assume it’s a wood fired oven. How cool to have a mobile pizzeria nearby! 

Honey Garlic Pizza from Criscito Pizza

[honey garlic / $10]

On my first visit to Criscito Pizza, I tried the intriguing Honey Garlic pizza. The honey garlic a white pizza (no tomato sauce) with mozzarella, parmesan, garlic, a drizzle of honey, and fresh basil. 

Honey Garlic Pizza | Criscito Pizza

The honey was drizzled over the top after it came out of the pizza oven and the fresh basil was sprinkled all over. The honey gave the pizza a little sweet taste to it. I wished it had a little bit more garlic but nonetheless I enjoyed the flavor of the pizza. The basil gave it a nice pop of freshness and flavor.

Pizza Crust | Criscito Pizza

Here’s a peek at the crust! The crust was slightly underdone for my tastes – but I still really enjoy the texture of the crust. It has a nice chewiness to it and it was on the softer side. I prefer it a little crunchier but it still tasted great. The middle of the middle was a bit softer than the outer edges. 

Salad | Criscito Pizza

Minion David and Matt came by to check out the mobile pizzeria, too. This is David’s salad. Uh, if you like nuts, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this heavy-on-the-toppings salad.

Menu | Criscito Pizza

My second visit two weeks later. They sell drinks now! They didn’t before. I think enough people asked about drinks that they started to carry then for a dollar. I like that their sign is also now clipped to the sides. 

Brooklyn Pizza | Criscito Pizza

[brooklyn / $11]

For my second visit to Criscito Pizza, I decided to try something with tomato sauce. They don’t really slather the sauce on or put it all over, rather it’s in dollops on top of the pizza. The Brooklyn comes with sausage, onions, tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, pecorino cheese and pepperoncinis (which I requested to not have added). 

Brooklyn Pizza | Criscito Pizza

This pizza was cooked a little more “well done” and I ended up enjoying this one a bit more than the Honey Garlic. I also liked the addition of tomato sauce to the pizza. The onions were nice and sweet and the bits of sausage were delicious.

Crust | Criscito Pizza

The crust was better this time around for my preferences – a little more cooked through and it still had that tasty, chewy texture with a more crispy bits here and there.

This second pizza I took to go and ate back at my office, but luckily I checked the box before I walked away. I opened the box to peek at the pizza and I saw hot peppers all over it! I went back and they had given me the wrong pizza on accident. Good thing I checked! I recommend checking your box, too, just in case they hand you the wrong one.

I enjoy their little personal pizzas and the toppings and crust make this a unique thing to have for lunch. Since Criscito Pizza comes so close to my work, I’ll definitely be going there again for future lunch visits! They don’t seem to post their schedule online though, so I’m not sure where else they head to for lunch. If you’re curious, you may want to hit them up via email to see where they else they stop for lunch.

Criscito Pizza
Multiple Locations
Where to find them:
Wednesdays, about 11AM-1PM
9449 Carroll Park Drive (or near this address, on the street)
San Diego, CA 

2 thoughts on “Criscito Pizza / Sorrento Valley

  1. The crust looked better for your 2nd visit for sure. Plus that flavor combo of garlic and honey? Intriguing. I would totally try that. Now why would that much nuts be on a salad? Wow, that was overkill. What as the dark stuff on the salad by the way?

    1. Hi CC! On the salad there was a crap ton of walnuts plus cranberries. It looks darker since there’s balsamic dressing all over it. The crust was better the 2nd time around! I’m sure I could have asked for a “well done” crust but figured I’d wing it and see what they did. Good stuff!

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