Lean and Green Organic Health Bar / Sorrento Valley

It’s sometimes hard to find new lunch spots in my office’s area since there hasn’t been a whole lot of new places lately but my co-workers and I were able to check out a new spot in Sorrento Valley called Lean and Green Organic Health Bar.

Lean and Green Organic Health Bar

Lean and Green Organic Health Bar is committed to serving their customers organic products as well as sustainable products.

Lean and Green Organic Health Bar - San Diego, Sorrento Valley

Sustainable Packaging

I appreciate their commitment to leaving a smaller footprint behind and using biodegradable products for all of their packaging.

Menu at Lean and Green Organic Health Bar in San Diego

Here’s a closer look at their menu.


What I loved the most about Lean and Green was the atmosphere! They’ve managed to make it feel like the outdoors even when you’re inside the restaurant with this astroturf and wide open doors.


Here’s a peek into the dining area from the “lawn” with my co-workers jumping for joy… probably because it was a Friday and we were currently away from the office. 


There are lawn games to enjoy and lots of chairs to lounge on. Each booth inside of the restaurant also had a TV hook up to catch the latest games. It’s a very friendly, open, and inviting atmosphere. It was quite a relaxing spot for lunch and really breezy with the wide open doors.


We all sat at the one large dining table in the restaurant. Instead of numbers, they give you pieces of fruit. Our table was the “lime” table. I actually thought we had just a lime fruit sitting at the table for fun. Here’s my lunch which was delivered in this GIGANTIC bowl. The bowl felt more like a serving bowl you’d serve at a dinner party and I felt a little ridiculous eating my salad out of it. 

Asian Chicken Salad with Avocado from Lean and Green Organic Health Bar

[asian chicken salad / $10.95 + avocado for $2]

My Asian Chicken salad came with romaine, chicken, brown rice, green onions, mandarin oranges, cilantro, raw almonds, and miso dressing. I really enjoyed the flavors that were combined in the salad. The sweetness of the mandarin oranges contrasted nicely with the bright green onions and cilantro. The brown rice was an interesting addition – it more a little more substance to the salad and a little extra texture. I added the avocado for a little creaminess (and because I adore avocado) but I don’t think the amount of avocado I got was worth the extra two bucks I paid for it. 

I enjoyed the salad but I felt it was kind of a hefty price tag for a salad, even if it’s served in a gigantic bright yellow serving bowl and makes me feel like I ate a ton of salad. 


As we were finishing up our lunches, one of the workers came out to give us all samples of their Ultimate Green juice (a combo of apple, celery, cucumber, and spinach). It tasted very green and very healthy. Uhh, that’s all I got on that front.

This place has not became a regular spot in my lunch rotation, probably because I’m cheap. I even wanted to try a smoothie here but over $7 for a smoothie was too rich for me. Hey, at least I’m honest. 

Lean and Green Organic Health Bar
9868 Scranton Road, Suite 180
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 455-LEAN (5326)

Hours: Monday-Friday 7AM to 3PM
Their original location is in La Jolla!

4 thoughts on “Lean and Green Organic Health Bar / Sorrento Valley

  1. As I’ve stated before — I love, love, love your posts and look forward to each new one. This one is especially good — how you report honestly with a positive spin, yet this place obviously isn’t your favorite place for lunch. Thank you for trying these spots so we don’t have to OR so we are introduced to them and then do try them! We had dinner with friends at Fish District (Carmel Mtn Rd) based on your post, and all 4 of us loved it.

    1. Hi Mary – Thanks for your nice comments! I really do appreciate that so much! Yeah… while I did like my salad I didn’t feel it was mind blowing enough to go into my regular lunch rotation. But it’s nice to have the options near my office! I’m glad to hear you and your friend enjoyed Fish District! What did you all try from there?

  2. Bert used to work at a place on Scranton Road (near Karl Strauss). Yeah, $7 a smoothie is WAY too much. I don’t care how healthy it is. Their food offerings are a decent price point and it’s nice to have healthy options, eh.

    1. Yeah… I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for a smoothie. I’m sure it’s great and all but just too much for me! It is really nice to have a healthy option like this in the area for the days when I feel like I just can’t cheat (hahah).

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