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Mary is a San Diego native and has been a food blogger for 11+ years. She is an avid reader, a lover of puppies, and loves trying new food. Foods she loves: sweets, peanut butter, pasta, Triscuit crackers with cream cheese, and extra nuts on top of her sundaes. Food she dislikes: pickles, really spicy food, runny eggs, olives, and too much arugula.

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  1. This place used to be Aria Kabon (an Afghanistani eatery) then changed to Gyro ‘n Kabob which closed in 2013 and became Chaba Thai/

    I like that they put a lot of basil leaves in that basil chicken dish. I would have gotten a ‘1’ spice level also. I can’t handle the higher levels. I find myself not enjoying the food as much and then fearing the aftermath, ha ha. I’ll have to try Chaba Thai then.

    By the way, don’t even bother with Pho Fusion in that same strip mall (their food isn’t that great).

    • Mary says:

      Thanks, CC! You always seem to know the history of places 🙂 Thanks for the tip about Pho Fusion. I never gave it a second glance, really. I already forgot what else was in that plaza – some kind of Cajun/Crab place maybe? I really liked Chaba Thai though so I’d probably prefer to just go there.

  2. Faye says:

    Spicy Level 1. Really.

    j/k. Not really. I think my sis order a spicy level 0 for her kids when they get Thai food. I’ve heard about Chaba but haven’t had a chance to try them out. The basil chicken looks pretty good!

    • Mary says:

      HAHA. Faye! Not everyone is the Queen of Spicy like YOU. 😀

      Basil Chicken, so good, om nom nom. It was hard to resist ordering it again on my second visit.

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