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Jake and I were teenager-less one recent Friday evening. I had a large lunch that afternoon was I wasn’t hungry for dinner until later in the evening and we decided to go and check out a bar called Brewskis over in Miramar. Brewskis is a bar and arcade with free video games available. We’ve been meaning to check it out for quite awhile and being teenager-less on a Friday gave us the opportunity to go! Don’t mind me and my dark cell phone photos over here.

Interior at Brewskis Barcade | Miramar - San Diego, CA

Brewskis is right next door to the Mira Mesa Moose Lodge where I had my very first job as a dishwasher when I was 15. Working at the Moose Lodge had its perks – I got free dinner along with my dishwashing duties! Also in the same lot is the Goldfingers “Gentleman’s Club”. There’s some questionable stuff in this lot and Brewskis definitely looks like a dive. I’m sure they keep it very dark in here for a good reason – I’m sure I don’t want to see the floor at all. But aside from the divey look, everyone was pretty friendly in here with the crowd looking like mostly marines and their friends. There’s pool and air hockey available in addition to the video games.

Menu at Brewskis Barcade | Miramar - San Diego, CA

Brewskis offers up pretty typical bar food. Jake and I honestly weren’t expecting much from the food – the real draw for us was the prospect of free old school video games.

Blue Moon Beer at Brewskis Barcade | Miramar - San Diego, CA

I started off with a Blue Moon beer. I don’t remember how much it was but I remember thinking it was reasonably priced.

Orange Sauce Wings at Brewskis Barcade | Miramar - San Diego, CA

[orange sauce wings / $9.75]

Jake and I opted to share two things at Brewskis and the first item we got was this basket of Orange Sauce Wings. In addition to orange sauce, there’s also spicy buffalo or tangy bbq available. Orange sauce was not something we’d seen before so we felt the need to try it. The wings were on the larger side and quite meaty! The chicken wings were juicy and flavorful and the orange sauce was actually really nice. It was a bit on the sweet side without being overpoweringly sweet. It was kind of like a sweetish sticky glaze. I remember thinking they didn’t have a really strong orange taste – just more like a tasty glaze. Jake and I were pleasantly surprised by how much we liked these wings!

Western Burger with Tater Tots at Brewskis Barcade | Miramar - San Diego, CA

[western burger / $8.75]

We both honed in on the Western Burger since it had a) onion rings and b) bacon. We opted for a side of tater tots as well and the tater tots were BOMB. They were perfectly crispy without being greasy or oily or gross – just wonderfully crispy on the outside with nice little creamy centers. Perfect tots! 

Cheesy closeup of the Western Burger from Brewskis Barcade | Miramar - San Diego, CA

I picked up the burger to take this next shot in the dark, dark bar (ugh, sorry) and was pleased to find the cheese had melted niced and covered the whole patty in its cheesy goodness. This is what I like, my friends! Melted cheese that hugs the patty like a warm, cheesy blanket. YUM.

The onion rings were perfect little bites of extra crunch and onion goodness and the bacon delivered some salty pork notes to the very tasty burger. The BBQ sauce added a little bit of tang and sweetness to this burger. The bun was toasted on both sides and stayed together enough to hold the burger without making it fall apart. Really on point and really good burger! 

Die Hard and Tetris video games at Brewskis Barcade | Miramar - San Diego, CA

After finishing off our tasty food, we headed over to play some of the free games available at Brewskis. There are a few that aren’t free (like the Metallica pinball machine which I had been eyeing, damn it) so we just stuck to the old school freebie arcade games.

Jake and I played the Die Hard game which we quickly realized seemed to have NOTHING to do with the original Bruce Willis movie. There was a point in the game where Jake was holding a BOX that shot rockets. Epic gaming right there. 

Donkey Kong Jr and Galaga at Brewskis Barcade | Miramar - San Diego, CA

There were a few games that offered multiple types of game. Here’s Jake playing Donkey Kong Jr. while I played Galaga and then Ms. Pac-Man. 

Mortal Kombat, Rampage, Terminator 2 video games at Brewskis Barcade | Miramar - San Diego, CA

We also played Rampage but got quickly bored of its repetitive gameplay – good if you like destroying buildings and eating people. There was also a Terminator 2 game, Mortal Kombat and a few others that we enjoyed. It’s not high end gaming, but it’s good fun to relive the old school arcade games (for free!) and enjoying some pretty delicious food.

Brewskis Bar and Arcade
8670 Miramar Rd.
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 586-0540

4 thoughts on “brewskis bar and arcade | miramar

  1. Ooh, that western burger. I’m a sucker for onion rings (those are big ones too). Gosh, I totally suck at those 80’s arcade games. Bert, on the other hand, is a pro, ha ha. Galaga, Centipede, Frogger, Tempest and so on.

    1. Hi CC! The western burger was really tasty with that hunk of an onion ring on top! I’m not good at the 80s arcade games, either. My hand totally starts to cramp after awhile, too! Jake’s favorite game is Ms. Pac-Man. I’ve seen him get the high score more than once!

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