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Recently Jake, T and I headed up to Orange County for a little excursion. Jake wanted to buy a Funko Pop collectible from someone in LA who met us halfway in OC and to convince me to go along, Jake suggested we hit up a place for Korean BBQ. He let me pick the spot (as usual) and I picked Mr BBQ. Mr BBQ is rated #27 on Yelp’s Top Places to Eat in the US for 2016 and the menu had lots of options.

Korean BBQ at Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

Korean BBQ at Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

We headed up on a Sunday morning at got to Fullerton early – just after 10AM – and wandered around some shops before hanging outside Mr BBQ (which opens at 11am).

Interior at Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

We were the first in line! A few other people showed up just before they opened their doors. 

Yelp Top Places to Eat | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

Top Places to Eat for 2016.

Funky Bathroom Signs | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

The funky bathroom signs. I seriously had to stand there for a minute to remember which one was for women. 

Tables with grills at Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

Plenty of seating! I read on Yelp there’s usually a wait if you come in the evening but if you come right around opening time there’s plenty of room.

Fresh, clean grill at Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

Fresh, clean grill. I had to ask for a fork since my chopsticks skills are not that great. I can at least somewhat use chopsticks now, but I’d rather use a fork for eating banchan and rice. 

Lunch Menu | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[lunch menu | mr bbq]

The lunch menu is only good for the weekdays (11am-4pm Monday through Friday). They also have lunch specials if you don’t want to stuff your face with barbeque’d meats. 

Dinner and Weekend Menu | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[dinner and weekend menu | mr bbq]

On the left are all the items included for $23.99 for the dinner and weekend menu. On the right are the additional items if you get the more expensive premium menu for $31.99. We stuck with the regular menu since it had plenty of options! 

Combos Menu | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[bbq combos | mr bbq]

You can also opt for a combo. If you want to.

Dipping Sauces | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[dipping sauces]

You get this split dish to start with. On the left it was filled with seasonings and salt and pepper. Our waitress asked if we wanted sesame oil added to our spices and we all said yes. I don’t remember what the regular dipping sauce is on the right but it was quite delicious with all of our BBQ.

Banchan Side Dishes | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA


They have a lot of banchan here at Mr BBQ! 

Banchan Side Dishes | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

My favorites were the Korean potato salad, the macaroni salad, corn, and broccoli. I got 2 refills of the potato salad since it’s my absolute favorite side dish. It’s really creamy here at Mr BBQ with a nice touch of sweetness and bits of veggies inside it. It’s almost like a cold mashed potato salad! The macaroni salad had a bit of tang to it (tasted a bit mustard-ish). 

Salad | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[spicy salad]

Salad is included. I had a bit of this but quickly abandoned it since it was pretty spicy! 

Portuguese Hawaiian Sausage | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[portuguese hawaiian sausage with mustard]

We started off with a couple of meats. One was this Portguese Hawaiian Sausage which was split in half and came with a side of mustard. The boys ordered a second round of the sausage later in the meal. We had forgetten about the mustard the first time around and the second time T made sure to try the mustard, which he really enjoyed. The sausage had a really nice flavor and we let it stay on long enough to get a nice crispy texture. Our waitress came by and cut up the sausage for us when she noticed it was done cooking.

Beef Belly | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[premium beef belly]

Beef belly is new to me – I haven’t seen this on any other Korean BBQ menu so far! It’s similar to brisket but it was a little fattier and a bit more tender than brisket. It can get a little heavy though because of the extra fattiness but it’s melt-in-your-mouth good! 

Angus Prime Chuck Eye Steak | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[black angus prime chuck eye steak]

They also have a full cut of steak on the regular menu – how awesome is that! It looked nice and marbled as well and came with a mushroom chunk on top.

Grilling some Korean BBQ | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

Our first round of meats seaing on the grill.

Grilling the meats | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA



Cooked beef belly | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

The beef belly after it’s been seared on the hot grill. Nice crispy bits and fatty bits all together for some truly wonderful flavor!

Steak and sausage | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

Our waitress also cut up the steak for us which made it easier for us to stuff into our mouths. The steak was so tender and juicy! It was cooked to a nice medium and was an incredible cut of steak. The seared sausage is on the right. 

Marinated Pork Belly | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[spicy marinated pork belly]

For our second round, we ordered some spicy marinated pork belly. Our waitress told us it wasn’t really that spicy.

Beef Brisket | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[beef brisket]

And we ordered beef brisket this time, though it looked fattier to me than the beef belly (maybe we just happened to get some really fattier, marbled cuts though). 

Pork belly and brisket grilling | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

Sear away, you beautiful meats! Our waitress changed out the grill for us right before we started. She actually changed it out for us every round we ordered so we always had a fresh, clean, grill to start with!

Seared pork belly | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

Here’s the cut up pieces of pork belly. We might have seared it a tad too long but it was actually really delicious. It also wasn’t too spicy which I really appreciated. Most of the time I never manage to eat the spicy pork belly since it’s too spicy but here at Mr BBQ it was really just a nice flavorful marinade. 

Bulgogi and teriyaki chicken | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[bulgogi and teriyaki chicken]

The bulgogi was a little too saucy for my tastes that day and I didn’t even try the chicken, but the boys seemed to enjoy it. 

Waygu Finger Short Ribs | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[premium waygu finger short ribs]

I remember liking this! I think I only had a bite. 

In addition to what we tried there’s also some seafood available such as squid, mussels, and shrimp as well as intestine and tongue for the more adventurous eaters. 

Grilling it up | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

The boys, grilling to their heart’s content. They got a couple extra rounds which I didn’t document nor participate in. My belly was filled to the brim with delicious meats and banchan. 

Vanilla Ice Cream | Mr BBQ in Fullerton, CA

[vanilla ice cream]

At the end of the meal our waitress offered us complimentary ice cream which we all got. It was a cool, creamy, and refreshing way to end the meat-laden meal. 

I really enjoyed the sheer number of options here at Mr BBQ. There seems to be more options overall than most Korean BBQ places I’ve visited. There’s a ton of meat options and also a ton of different banchan as well. We didn’t partake in the housemade bean paste stew, spicy tofu soup, kimchi noodles or steamed egg but those are also included with your meal if you ask for them. 

305 N State College Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92831
(714) 441-0000

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    1. Hi Jinxi – Oooo! I’ll just have to put Kogi BBQ on my list to try then! That’s nice that the meat is sliced fresh. Thanks for letting me know!

    1. Hi Soo – It was very delicious and quite filling! I can’t eat as much as the boys can, but at least everyone got their fill.

  1. Wow, this sounds like a great spot. The beef belly, omg. I want. That’s good that they refreshed the grill so you wouldn’t taste the burnt bits, ha ha. Great selection here. I don’t like that steamed egg or tofu stuff that comes with the meal. Soft textures are not my thing.

    1. Hi CC – Yeah, I’ve never been to a place that changed the grill as often as they did here! That’s a good thing, though. No burnt bits! Yeah, I’ve never liked the steamed egg either. It’s too mushy and weird to me.

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