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After Korean BBQ at Mr BBQ, we hit up a nearby shop called My D-Pins and Collectibles to check out some Funko Pops. This shop had TONS of Disney pins. I didn’t even know Disney pins was a THING. Shows you how much I know. After collectible browsing, I wanted to hit up a nearby donut shop before we headed home. Modoo Donuts held the promise of cute donuts and I couldn’t resist popping up for a few donuts. 

Modoo Donuts | Buena Park, CA

Modoo Donuts. Sounds so close to Voodoo Donuts in my head. No voodoo donuts here though. 

On second thought, I keep saying it as “Mooooo” Doo which is probably wrong. But oh well. I’d rather pretend this a cow donut shop. 

Donut Menu at Modoo Donuts | Buena Park, CA


Donut Menu at Modoo Donuts | Buena Park, CA

So many donuts. 

Donut Rack at Modoo Donuts | Buena Park, CA

They had two racks out full of donuts. 

Donut Rack at Modoo Donuts | Buena Park, CA

Mostly a pretty typical offering. There was an older Asian lady working behind the counter at MoDoo Donuts.  She was nice enough but couldn’t seem to hear me very well (or maybe didn’t understand me very well) as I had to tell her which donuts I wanted more than once.

There was also a bit of confusion on the price. I wasn’t even paying attention and shelled out $11.25 for 5 donuts. Jake did the math in his head (something I can’t do in my head) and realized I was overcharged by $3. There was a lot of confusion between the lady and Jake trying to explain to her the price. I think she maybe… added two extra donuts in? Maybe? I have no idea but eventually we were able to work it out and she gave me back cash to make up for the overcharge. 

Box of donuts from Modoo Donuts | Buena Park, CA

Here’s our box of donuts: Fruity Pebbles donut ($1.75), a strawberry crueller ($1), a piggy donut (oink oink! – $1.75), a Minion donut ($1.75) plus a Tiger Tail ($2) which was in another bag. 

The Fruity Pebbles donut was for T and I didn’t actually try it since Fruity Pebbles are not my thing. The strawberry crueller was light and airy and quite tasty. The piggy donut was also a light, airy, raised donut covered in pink strawberry frosting. I didn’t eat the marshmallow parts. I thought this could have looked a bit more piggy like but I thought it was cute just the same.

The Minion donut was incredibly cute and something I gave to one of my co-workers (who agreed to be one of my new minions, errr, writers for the blog in the near future). She said the top frosting was a bit too sweet but she enjoyed the actual donut on it own. Hooray!

Tiger Tail Donut | Modoo Donuts | Buena Park, CA

We ate the Tiger Tail on the way home.  The tiger tail is like a twist donut with a cinnamon swirl in the middle.

Bite of Tiger Tail | Modoo Donuts | Buena Park, CA

The donut tasted freshly made and had a wonderful crunch from the glaze. The cinnamon swirl was delightful – just enough cinnamon parts to pair with the rest of the plain twist donut. It tasted so airy and light. It melted in my mouth – I really enjoyed it! 

They also had cute Cookie Monster donuts as well as banana fritters and blueberry fritters. If we’re ever in the area again I’ll be back for another Tiger Tail and to maybe try one of those fritters!

Modoo Donuts (FB | Yelp)
5411 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90621
(714) 523-7700
Hours: 4am-10pm

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6 Replies to “modoo donuts | buena park

    1. Hi Soo – The Donut Touch in Scripps Ranch had (at least when I last went) red velvet donuts which I think are pretty good. I think that’s as fancy as it gets (unless you think Maple Bacon is also fancy but I don’t anymore). If a place has cute donuts or unique flavors, chances are I’ll want to go!

  1. My husband and I thoroughly love your reviews — even when it’s a restaurant/type of food we wouldn’t try we read your review and enjoy it. Your reviews are so complete and honest, and the photos are just great. I know you put a lot of work into each review — and it shows; so I just wanted you to know we are fans and really appreciate your efforts. ??

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks so much for your comment – I’m happy to know that someone enjoys my reviews! Thanks to your husband and yourself for staying and reading along. I appreciate it!

  2. Great bubble font signage. Reminds me of the old Dunkin’ Donuts. The pig donut was cute but getting overcharged $3 isn’t. At least you were able to get that fixed. Have you seen the tigertails from Donut Man? Those are monstrous!

    1. Hi CC – They had cookie monster donuts, too, but I felt I had already gotten enough character donuts that day. Hah! Yeah, the overcharge thing wasn’t great but I’m glad it all worked out and she was nice enough about it. I don’t think I’ve seen the tigertails from Donut Man. Been meaning to go there one of these days for that Strawberry Donut!

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