portland, oregon – day two recap

This is a hefty post. Just warning you in advance.

On our second day in Portland, we headed out to the Alberta Arts district for breakfast.

Pine State Biscuits


Specifically at Pine State Biscuits. I seriously only meant to order a few things but everything sounded SO GOOD…


I might have over ordered a little bit. Oops.


[biscuits and gravy / $5]

No one cried over my choices or massive amount of food. I’m sure the boys would have been happy to have ONLY eaten here for the whole day. The first item and my favorite of the bunch were the savory biscuits and gravy. MmMmMmmm.

The gravy… was totally divine. They have a meaty version made with sausage (which is the one we got) and also a veggie version made with mushrooms (which I’m sure I would have also loved but I was with the mushroom hatin’ crew). The biscuits here are what really elevate the dish. The biscuits are light, incredibly high and fluffy, soft and buttery. The gravy was seasoned so well with lots of herbs and spices and I might have been happy with only this. 


[biscuit with marionberry jam / $3]

I also want to try just a plain old biscuit and it’s not disappointing at all! I got it with marionberry jam, which is all over the place in Oregon, and they were a perfect pairing. The sweet and slightly tart jam tasted great with the flaky, buttery biscuit. The top of the biscuit has a perfect golden, crunchy crust while the middle is fluffy and light. Perfect contrasting textures.


[reggie deluxe / $9]

This is the sandwich that T and Jake were totally gaga over and was their favorite. Probably of the entire trip.

This sandwich has: fried chicken, bacon, gravy and an egg. All inside of one large biscuit. The egg makes it “deluxe”. I remember looking at this and thinking, “It’s probably a crime to eat this for breakfast.” First of all, it’s MASSIVE, and it’s messy, and it’s hard to stick into your pie hole so you can eat it but damn… it is really quite good. The chicken is tender and nicely seasoned and the gravy on it makes it extra messy but also extra tasty. I personally only had a few bites because I found it to be a litttttttle too much, but Jake and T were in heaven eating it.  


T kind of didn’t want to give it back, he loved the sandwich so much. Jake and T started talking about how they wanted to come back for just the sandwich but then Jake reminded T that there’s so many more things to try. Reasonable, he is. 


[side of hash browns / $4]

We also got hash browns because…. well…. it’s hash browns. It’s hard for me to not order them. These had an interesting mix of seasonings on them – I think paprika and other spices – which I liked. The top was nice and crispy though I thought they were a little thin. Yes, I’m always comparing to my glorious defunct Keith’s in terms of hash browns. 


[blueberry cornmeal pancakes / $6]

Last but not least… pancakes. Blueberry cornmeal pancakes. With chunks of corn and nice big blueberries inside. These pancakes were so moist and fluffy! They had  a cornbread-like taste thing going on with them that I adored and I loved the bits of corn in the pancake. Cornmeal pancakes might be my new favorite thing. I want to try and recreate these at home.


Blogger approved meal.


Boyfriend of blogger also approves.

Pine State Biscuits
2204 NE Alberta

Portland, OR 97211


This is a pretty kick ass mural I saw as we were walking back to the car after breakfast. It says, “You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.”

Portland Aerial Tram

After breakfast we drove over one of the many bridges and headed over to the Portland Aerial Tram. It’s a little tram that basically takes people up to Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). A roundtrip fare is only $4.35, well worth the cost for the amazing view up at the top.



View from the top! You could see pretty far that day, though it was cloudy and a little drizzly. 


The whole trip from the lower terminal to the upper term is about 4 minutes long. I recorded the whole thing if you want to check it out:

It’s a short trip but I loved seeing the whole view of the city.

Downtown Portland

Downtown wasn’t too far from the Aerial Tram and that was our next stop.


The first thing we were enamored with? The drinking fountains. They just constantly flow water and the water tastes amazing since it’s run off from the nearby mountains.


We headed over to Pioneer Courthouse Square which is a big gathering spot in Downtown Portland. It’s also known as “Portland’s Living Room” since many events take place in the square. For the holidays, they dress up the statues around the square in ugly sweaters which amused me. I only managed to find a few of them. There were a bunch of booths set up in the square that day for the holidays, selling lots of local wares and goods.


We wandered more and walked through Downtown and headed off to see the Portlandia statue. Quick little stop in a park though! 


I swear all of the trees in Oregon are covered in moss. I thought it was beautiful. 


The Portlandia statue! You see this statue featured in the Portlandia opening scenes and until I looked this up, I had no idea “Portlandia” was a statue! Portlandia is the second-largest copper repoussé statue in the United States, after the Statue of Liberty.


While walking to our next destination, T spotted this tinier version of the statue inside a building and well… picture time happened. Hah! 

Mill Ends Park: World’s Smallest Park


This is one of my kooky things that I wanted to check out! This my friends is Mill Ends Park: the world’s smallest park. It was named an official city park in 1976. 


I remember reading about the tiny park and thinking how freakin’ cool it was for a city to take the time to make this tiny little thing a park. It was originally supposed to be a lamppost, but it never got installed and a guy who looked down on this every day from his office thought, “Hmm. I should plant some stuff in there instead.” It’s in the middle of a busy road, too, which just endears it to me even more.

Also: don’t ask why but for some reason I felt like pretending to be a bunny next to the world’s smallest park.


Here’s park of the plaque that tells you about Mill Ends Park with a little view of it! 

Food Carts: Taste of Poland


After our visit to the tiny park we walked even more! I felt like we walked all over Downtown that day, checking out shops and lots of scenery. One thing we did stumble upon was one of the many food carts. The food carts in Portland are different than the ones in San Diego since these have more of a permanent spot. This is basically a parking lot that was turned into a food cart area and the city block is full of different food carts. This is just one corner of it! And there are multiple food cart setups like this one all over town. 


We stopped at the Taste of Poland food cart for a quick little snack


This is part of the menu. 


Jake ordered just the pierogis (not a plate). I believe there were six little dumplings for us to share and it cost like $3. The fluffy little pierogis were filled with potato and cheese and had a nice little topping that was a mixture of bacon and onions. Nice little tasty snack!

After a short break of eating pierogis, we continued our walk around Downtown. We visited a few shops and local stores and then on our way to Powell’s I spotted this club:


If you watch the intro to Portlandia carefully, you’ll spot this sign! I spotted it mostly because my name is smack dab on it. No. We did not visit it. Obviously.


I already felt like we walked most of the city at this point but OF COURSE we had to hit up Powell’s! Powell’s City of Book is a full city sized block book store with tons and tons and more tons of books in it. We barely scratched the surface of this place but I loved how big it was. Easily could get lost in there just browsing through the shelves of books.

Sizzle Pie

I hadn’t schedule any pizza stops into our itinerary. Sizzle Pie was just across the street from Powell’s Books so Jake inserted it into our itinerary.


[rudimentary penne / $3.75 a slice]

We got two slices to share. The first was the rudimentary penne pie which had vodka cream sauce, roasted garlic, goat cheese and fresh basil. The middle was a bit too soggy and the overall taste was just kind of “meh”.


[spiral tap / $3.25 a slice]

The second slice was called The Spiral Tap and is a vegan pie, if you’re wondering for some reason. It had a caramelized onion spread with house marinara red sauce and a light dusting of nutritional yeast. I have no idea what the nutritional yeast is for, but this was a much better slice. The bottom was perfectly crisp and it was a tiny bit thicker than the other slice. There was no sogginess at all and I loved the caramelized onions on it! They were blended up and had a nice sweet flavor that I really enjoyed. 

Sizzle Pie
926 W. Burnside St.
Portland, OR

After our day of wandering around Downtown, we were a bit beat! We went back to our room to chill for a little while before heading out for dinner.

Pok Pok


For dinner I choice Pok Pok. I’d been hearing about how this place had really authentic Thai food and really good wings. I saw this place on No Reservations (the one in NY though) and figured we should stop and check it out.


The menu can be a little overwhelming and it was mostly filled with items I’d never heard of before. You don’t see any Pad Thai on this menu. I kept it simple and only ordered two things since I had a plan. Always have a plan. 


[ike’s vietnamese fish sauce wings / $14.50]

The first and probably most famous dish is the Fish Sauce Wings. They use whole chicken wings marinated in fish sauce and sugar. Then they’re deep fried and tossed in caramelized fish sauce and garlic. They’re spicy but not overly OMG spicy, but more of a subtle spicy flavor in the background. The wings are quite large since you get the wing and drumstick together and you get the wing tip included (not like at other places). I remember these being good but not being blow my mind amazing, if you know what I mean. Good flavor, excellent crispiness and the wings were really juicy. No complaints about them but… maybe a tiny bit overhyped? 


[muu sateh / $12.50]

The other dish I picked was called Muu Sateh. It is pork lion skewers marinated in coconut milk and turmeric and grilled over charcoal. Served with peanut sauce, cucumber relish and grilled bread. There’s a little note on the menu that said, “Yes. Bread is what it’s really served with in Thailand!” What the three of us really adored about this dish was the peanut sauce! Holy cow, the peanut sauce was amazingly good – one of the best I’ve had – and I thought that was more drool worthy than the wings. The pork skewers were quite lovely and but I really I used used the pork and the bread as a vessel for getting more of that peanut sauce into my mouth. 

Pok Pok
3226 SE Division St.
Portland Oregon

Hawthorne Food Carts: Potato Champion and Whiffies Fried Pies


After Pok Pok, we headed over to another Food Cart. This one is in a little lot and the food carts are arranged so that there’s a nice seating area in the middle. There was an Egyptian place, a grilled sandwich place, crepes, Mexican food, pizza, french fries and a fried pies cart. Lots of choices!


We got a little savory snack first at Potato Champion. 


[poutine fries / $5.25 – small]

Potato Champion had poutine which I found to be quick exciting! They are fries topped with cheddar cheese curds and your choice of beef or vegetarian gravy (we got beef). This was the tastier of the two fries we tried but I wasn’t totally a big fan of the gravy itself and the gravy was a little bit on the cold side.


[pbj fries / $5.25 – small]

We also tried PBJ Fried because we’d never seen nor heard of THAT before. They are fries topped with satay sauce and a smokey chipotle raspberry jam. We found the satay sauce to be a bit overwhelming. It tasted really incredibly rich and while we finished them, it wouldn’t be something we’d want to get again. But it was fun to try something new!

I will say that the french fries by themselves were incredibly good. The fries are hand cut and twice fried Belgium style fries. They were very crispy with a creamy center and a nice thickness. 


For dessert: Fried Pies! 



The little hand pies are available either savory or sweet. We were here to only try the sweet pies. 


They were freshly fried for us and we kind of used them as hand warmers at first… 


[oregon mixed berry combo / $4]

We originally got two pies to share. The first was the Oregon Mixed Berry pie that has a combination of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and marionberry. There was nice mix of sweet and tart in the pie and it tasted like they didn’t add any additional sugar since you got these really tart areas and then sweeter areas. The pie shell was delicious – a nice pie crust that was flaky and held it’s shape well during the frying. 


[the great pumpin pie / $4]

The Pumpie pie is a seasonal item since it was listed only on a piece of paper above the regular menu but this was our favorite of the bunch. The pumpkin filling was sweet and creamy and tasted so good in the fried pie shell. 


[peanut butter cream / $4]

We liked these so much we joked that we wanted another pie. And so T went and got one more for us to share, the Peanut Butter creme pie with peanut butter pudding and ghiradelli chocolate. This pie was also very good though it seemed the filling settled to just one side and it tasted a bit sweeter than the other two. Jake didn’t care of it as much since it had chocolate in it (oh, the horror) but T and I liked it well enough. I still think the Pumpkin one was the best!

12th & Hawthorne Food Pods
Potato Champion
Whiffies Fried Pies

Phew, we had quite a packed day for our first full day in Portland. Only two more days to go! 

16 thoughts on “portland, oregon – day two recap

  1. Ahh love this post!

    That breakfast place sounds amazing I loved everything you ordered. Especially the cornbread-y pancakes and the breakfast sandwich. I would have ordered the meat and the mushroom gravy and mixed them together too haha.

    Oh and nutritional yeast kind of tastes like parmesan cheese so maybe that’s why it was on the pizza!

    I tried the Pok Pok wings at the one in Brooklyn and liked them but found some of the entrees way more “worth the hype”. My mom and dad were not fans though as the food was definitely a little more weird than pad thai and we waited an hour and half to get seated. Eek.

    1. Hi J.S. – Yeah, I would have liked to do meat and mushroom gravy mixed, too! But boys wouldn’t let me. I suppose I could have ordered my own side but I didn’t think of it at the time!

      Ohhh, I didn’t know nutritional yeast tastes a bit like Parm. That explains it! Also explains the vegan aspect.

      Yes, I thought the other menu items sounded more creative/interesting than the wings but was glad to try them. I kind of liked that Pad Thai wasn’t on the menu at all! We were lucky since we went on a Thursday evening there was zero line. Yay for mid-week travels!

  2. Great post, Mary….and awesome pics!!

    Funny story about Mary’s Club. Around the corner is a small, but very good Mexican place called Santeria. One Saturday after walking around Saturday Market, we stopped in there for cocktails and lunch. Tiny place. I looked around and finally asked the bartender/server/cook where the restroom was. He replies, “Um, hang on a second.” as he’s looking sorta worried. A minute later he comes back, looking relieved, and tells me to go through the back door, through another door, and restrooms are to the left. Um, ok. So…I go. The Mexican restaurant shares restrooms with Mary’s strip club and he was worried they weren’t open yet!! Lol!! And yes, there is no avoiding the stage as you walk through. And yes, you should leave a tip on the stage because it seems only proper….

    Also, as one who grew up in the Portland area, I too love the water fountains in the city. I will stop at everyone one of them….every time.

    1. Thanks, Mike! That is a pretty awesome story about Mary’s Club. I’d kind of like to hear that response though. “Sorry, you can’t use the restroom, the strip club isn’t open yet.” Haha! Gosh we loved the fountains. We used them quite a few times walking around downtown that day! It’s extra amazing to us Californians in a crazy drought.

  3. Wow you guys sure do eat a lot! And poutine, the thing missing from our Wich Addiction lunch! I was wondering what it would look like haha! I think that famous park is a bit ridiculous in size but I guess it’s unique. And is it in the middle of a road or a parking lot?

    1. Hi Lynn – You must remember that I shared all food with two guys – one a 16 year old teenager! I personally didn’t eat as much since I had the two guys to take care of any and all “leftovers”. Haha. The tiny park is in the center divider of a busy road! Traffic was breezing by us but there’s plenty of room to not be in the street. Plus I’m sure they’re all used to tourists hanging out there taking photos.

  4. I am loving your Portland posts! Makes me wish we did that aerial tram! Next visit, though. I liked that you included your video. Seeing the smallest park was also cool!

    TC enjoyed drinking from the Benson Bubbler fountains. The food pod you went to with Whiffie’s Pies was Cartopia (which also made a brief appearance in one of the earlier episodes of Portlandia)…we had a sweet hand pie and tried some fries from Potato Champion.

    I heard from someone that Pok Pok was coming to LA too. I remember liking the fish sauce wings but Que Huong’s is better (and closer!). That Reggie delux was an epic sandwich. We only had the regular Reggie.

    Can’t wait to see more!

    1. Thanks, CC! The Aerial Tram was really cool even if it was a short ride. It was a great view up there.

      Man, I kept reading that as “Cartopia” like at Disneyland. Haha! I couldn’t remember that it had a name but I remember you telling me about it!

      Yes, I saw on the Pok Pok website there is a location in LA now. I like the fish sauce wings at Que Huong’s better, too! But I liked the variety of their menu. Two more days to cover!

  5. Wow looks like nice cool/chilly weather, perfect for pigging out. The biscuits look yummy! And Jake must have been standing on the steps or something? I didn’t know he was THAT much taller than you lol.

    1. Hi Miss Kim – Hahaha. Um. Jake is over a foot taller than me. I’m 4’11” and he’s 6’2″. Heh heh. The weather was nice, it was nice having to really need a scarf and a jacket. It wasn’t glove weather though, so it was perfect. Most of the food we had in Portland was really good! It was a great trip.

  6. Hot digitty dayuuuum – those breakfast pics are insane in the membrane. Why in the world can SD NOT have a place like that. You had me at the sausage gravy. Truly. Completely. Dayuuum. Argh – there must be something comparable here in san diego right?? I miss Keith’s 🙁

    You seriously look itty bitty in that pic with Jake!

    I love the smallest park! Do you ever watch Park and Rec? It reminds me of that smallest park episode b/w Leslie and Ben!

    1. Hmmmm… I like the biscuits and gravy at Tobey’s! Have you tried that one? I know you went there but I don’t remember what you had. I also like the ones over at the Huddle in Mission Hills.

      Jake is really tall, ain’t he.

      I haven’t seen Parks & Rec! I wanna. I just haven’t. Perhaps I should.

  7. Those biscuits. That gravy. Oh my god, heaven! But that reggie deluxe? Oooooooooooooh man…I am so hungry! LOL! I might need to make a food trip to Portland soon, your posts have been so fun. It’s a great city! I almost went to college at PSU, but you know, life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. Never heard of marionberry before. That mural is SO kick ass, you’re right. AND FRIED PIE!!! LOL @ Mary’s all nude! Seems like a weird place for a nudie bar.

    1. I’m glad people seem to like my Portland posts! Two more posts to go. It’s a great city to visit and there’s so much great food up there to try out. I almost applied to college in Oregon, too, but ended up not doing it.

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