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Update: This restaurant is now closed (*weep*)

I’ve been to Keith’s Family Restaurant more times than I can count. This place used to be a regular haunt for Alyssa and I back in the day when she used to live in San Diego. We loved it because they have cheap breakfast specials in the $5-$6 range and it was open 24 hours. There were many nights that we visited Keith’s late at night, eating breakfast, doing the Reader crossword puzzle and playing a game of Scrabble in between bites and scribbles. The waitresses there knew us and we stayed for hours finishing our games and crossword puzzles. I have no idea why I haven’t reviewed it until now, except to say that I somehow forgot to. In any case, it’s better late than never.

One of my favorite breakfast specials is Breakfast Special #5 ($5.99): Biscuits and Gravy. You get two biscuit halves covered with sausage gravy, one egg, hash browns, and a drink (coffee, juice or milk). Biscuits and gravy is a personal weakness of mine and paired along with Keith’s hash browns, I can hardly ever resist it. The hash browns are hands down my favorite thing ever at Keith’s. They are always perfectly cooked: crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside. Covered with just a little salt and you’re golden. The biscuits are also very good – baked to a golden brown and covered in delicious sausage gravy. You can’t beat the price, either! They have other breakfast specials on their menu, all under $6 bucks.

On the days I don’t feel like getting breakfast, my other standby meal at Keith’s is their Club Sandwich (I think it’s about $7.49). You get a pretty large double decker sandwich with turkey, bacon, and cheese on your choice of bread (I always go with sourdough). I usually just eat about half of the sandwich and save the other half for later. It comes out with the bread lightly toasted and crisp – all of the ingredients are super fresh and delicious. It’s hard to get a club sandwich wrong, but for some reason I really enjoy the club sandwich here than at other places. It’s also worth it to spring for the seasoned fries. Just trust me on this.

You can get breakfast here any time of day, and I also recommend the french toast and pancakes. Pretty much anything you get here is delicious, but the two items above are my usual orders, depending on my mood. I do sometimes crave the french toast, but then I have to order a side of hash browns so I don’t miss out on their crunchy deliciousness.

One thing to note:  Keith’s is no longer open 24 hours 7 days a week. According to their website, they are open 24 hours Wednesday – Saturday and are open 6am-10pm Sunday – Tuesday. They used to also have a location in National City which has now closed.

Keith’s Family Restaurant
9449 Kearny Mesa Rd
(between N Altair Ave & Kearny Villa Rd, right off Miramar Rd.)
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 271-4670

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