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Alyssa was in town for a mini weekend visit and I met her and the family for breakfast at Hanna’s Gourmet, a spot I’ve been eyeing for a revisit for quite awhile. I visited Hanna’s Gourmet earlier this year with a few other bloggers and this was our dessert spot that day. I’m happy I got to come back to try out their other food.

Hanna's Gourmet / San Diego, CA

Hanna’s Gourmet specializes in doing “World Tour” foods and that week they were doing the Philippines! How cool! 

Outdoor Dining in the Alley at Hanna's Gourmet / San Diego, CA

Here’s a peek again at the alley where they have outdoor seating. This is where I sat with the bloggers last time.

Indoor counter at Hanna's Gourmet

Pretty light fixtures at Hanna's Gourmet

The spruced up the inside a bit, opening up the front room to be much wider allowing for more indoor seating. I love the chic/elegant look they were going for in here. It felt very cozy inside.

Tea Pots, Tea Cups and Squared Spoons

I started out with some mint tea (which is still steaming in the pot, I assure you). You get your own little pot which has about two servings of tea in it. Can I tell you how much I love these squared spoons?!

Green Chilaquiles / Hanna's Gourmet - San Diego, CA

[green chilaquiles / $10]

T ordered the Green Chilaquiles which came with corn tortillas, tomatillos sauce, eggs, onions, cilantro, sour cream & cotija cheese. He loved the dish, but he also really likes tomatillos. Me? Meh. Not so much. It’s a pretty dish though! 

Carrot Cake Pancakes / Hanna's Gourmet - San Diego, CA

[carrot cake pancakes / $11]

Jake and I split two dishes. I don’t like to just eat sweet things for breakfast but I always want the sweet things! The Carrot Cake Pancakes are the “it” item for me – the thing I really wanted to come back to try! They come with a side of cream cheese frosting that actually tastes really yummy with the pancakes. I’m really glad they don’t slather it on for you since it is sweet and a little of it goes a long way. The cream cheese frosting is sweet with a little bit of tang and makes you feel a little like you’re eating dessert for breakfast. 

Inside - Carrot Cake Pancakes

Here’s a peek at the inside of the fluffy pancakes – you can see the bits of carrot in there. It also has nuts and THANK GOD no raisins. If it had raisins in it I probably would have cried a little. They have a same similar flavor to carrot cake but in a fluffier pancake form. The pancakes were nice and moist and I enjoyed them a lot. I didn’t think they even needed maple syrup – the cream cheese frosting alone was enough. 

Biscuits and Gravy / Hanna's Gourmet - San Diego, CA

[biscuits & gravy / $11]

Jake and I also shared the biscuits and gravy. I’m not sure what seasoning they use to make the gravy this orange hue. I thought the gravy was alright but Jake didn’t seem to care for it. He claimed it had tarragon in it which I couldn’t taste at all. Jake is a bit of a “super taster” though and can detect all kinds of different flavors and seasonings so it very well could have had tarragon. What made me like it was the delicious biscuit it came with. The biscuit had lots of crunchy edges and was fluffy and warm on the inside. I could have just eaten the biscuits alone or with a sandwich. 

I didn’t get a photo of it, but Alyssa ordered some amazing Berry Ricotta pancakes that she let us sample that were also really good. TONS of berries with globs of ricotta in the pancake batter – YUM. The pancakes at Hanna’s are a sure bet! I’d love to come in and try one of their world cuisines for dinner and try out more savory items. 

Hanna’s Gourmet
2864 Adams Avenue
San Diego CA, 92116
Link to Breakfast Menu | Link to Lunch/Dinner Menu

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  1. Berry ricotta pancakes?! Sign me up! Anything with ricotta is a-okay in my book. Those squared spoons are awesome! Very cute decorations on the inside, yet simple. Your carrot cake pancakes look amaaaazing.

    1. Hi Lauren – It’s kind of a tie between berry ricotta and carrot cake pancakes. Both are delicious in completely different ways! I love these spins on regular old pancakes. They blow places like IHOP and Denny’s right out of the water if you ask me! Squared spoons. I need these in my kitchen, stat. 🙂

  2. Was Hannah there when you went? She is such a nice lady! That’s cool you went during the week they had Filipino food. I had Hungarian last year and the other times I went (but didn’t partake), they had Italian and also Indonesian. I went there for brunch recently and really enjoyed it.I like their remodel as well – much more spacious inside.

    1. Hi CC – I didn’t see her there! Oh well. I liked our brunch items they were pretty yummy. I’d like to visit sometime for dinner and try one of their worldly foods 🙂

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