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I had a bunch of things that didn’t quite constitute a full post, so I’m going to stick them all together and call it “food finds”. Why not!


[housemade gyro with potato salad from wich addiction]

Here’s a terrible photo of something SUPER delicious from Wich Addiction. A couple of weeks ago the special of the week was a housemade gyro with their own tzatziki sauce on a scallion flatbread. I almost ate my screen looking at this beautiful sandwich again. The scallion flatbread is SO GOOD and it’s now a regular “bread” option for ANY of their sandwiches. It’s served nice and warm, slightly crisp and is a little fluffy inside. The gyro meat was deliciously flavorful and juicy and I really enjoyed their tzatziki sauce (though I thought the cucumber bits were too large). This sadly isn’t on their regular menu yet… but maybe it will be!

They also have potato salad as a new side option (in addition to housemade chips or salad) and I looooove it. My only complaint is that some of the potato chunks are too large, but that’s minor. It’s flavorful and creamy and I feel that my lunch life is now complete. 


[carnivore grilled cheese from the greengo food truck / $9.50]

The office I work at is smack in the middle of Sorrento Valley and we’re near a few of the regular pit stops for various food trucks. One of the stops is right up the street and I saw that the GreenGo Truck, which specializes in grilled cheese, was nearby that day. I dragged Matt and Minion with me and we all got sandwiches to go.


All three of us ordered the Carnivore Grilled Cheese – which, is basically like a Patty Melt but without the onions (and also cheesier). It has provolone, sharp cheedar, swiss, muenster and mozzarella all stuffed into one sandwich somehow plus a hamburger patty on sourdough bread. You also get to choose one “spread” to go on your sandwich.

Yes, it’s as rich as it sounds! It was almost a little too cheesy (how could I ever say that?!) but I still liked it. The patty was very juicy and the whole thing was kind of a mess to eat. Not sure if it was really worth $9.50 though (no sides come with it) but it was tasty in it’s own super greasy super cheesy kind of way. 


[butterscotch dipped cone from mr. frosty / $1.79]

This is maybe the saddest looking dipped cone I have ever gotten. Jake and I finally made it to Mr. Frosty before one of his games and there was zero parking… so he just idled while I ran over and got myself a cone. I SHOULD have gotten a cherry dipped cone because I’ve never had cherry dipped but my mouth sputtered out butterscotch instead. It’s really a half assed effort on their part and the cone is a really wonky size. I bit the top off already and the whole thing had holes and drips in it from the second I got it and I manically tried to lick all of the spots for the photo. It quickly dribbled all over me. It tasted okay. I still want to try the cherry dipped. 


It’s after Labor Day! You know what that means! PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. I actually found this in August over at Target and I was so excited. Noosa is my hands down favorite yogurt and I love pumpkin stuff so I had to buy this! It’s a Target exclusive and let me tell you it is DELICIOUS. There are big swirls of delicious pumpkin (which tastes a little like pumpkin cream cheese swirled in) and the yogurt is so creamy and yummy. Normally I’m boring and only get the Honey flavor but this one might be my new favorite flavor. 


[fried apple pies from church’s chicken / $1.29 each]

Last but not least… fried apple pies! My parents adore Church’s Chicken. We used to live in the hood (in Encanto) and there was a Church’s Chicken nearby on Euclid Ave. (it is still there, actually) and my parents loved going to that place. I remember always, always, always wanting an apple pie from Church’s whenever they would go. Now that we’re in FAR AWAY Mira Mesa it’s not really convenient to go there… but Jake lives closer to the locations so last night I picked up some Church’s for them and had to get some apple pies as well. These are still the old school, totally deep fried, totally sinfully delicious versions of apple pie. They put this vanilla glaze over the top to just make them more delicious. The apple filling is warm and sweet with a little bit of cinnamon inside. 

I didn’t take a photo of it, but I remembered that I also love their biscuits which have honey baked into the top of them. Mmm!

Hope you all get through the Friday quick! Happy weekend! 

Author: Mary

Mary is a San Diego native and has been a food blogger for 12+ years. She is an avid reader, a lover of puppies, and loves trying new food. Foods she loves: sweets, peanut butter, pasta, Triscuit crackers with cream cheese, and extra nuts on top of her sundaes. Food she dislikes: pickles, really spicy food, runny eggs, olives, and too much arugula.

17 Replies to “friday food finds

  1. Your food finds all look so gooddd. I am especially in love with the scallion bread and the patty melt! Have you ever tried Chinese scallion pancakes? I think you would like them.

    And that’s so neat that there is a Church’s Chicken in SD, the only reason I know it is because Kendrick Lamar raps about it in some of his songs. SO HOOD 😉

    1. Thank you! I think I’m in love with the scallion bread too. I’ll have to try it on one of their other sandwiches! Hmmmmm, I don’t think I have tried Chinese scallion pancakes? I’ve tried leek ones, which I like. It sounds like something I would like!

      Hahah, rappin’ about Church’s Chicken WOO! All of the locations are in Southern San Diego, some in some very, uh, hood areas. 🙂

  2. Hey, my old neighborhood is a hood area then, haha. There is a Church’s Chicken in Otay Mesa off the corner of Del Soland Picador. Omg. I love their chicken, but haven’t had it in years!

    1. I didn’t even realize how many locations there are in SD! A bunch are in CV, actually, haha. They had only two pieces of chicken left last night so I didn’t really have any, just the pies and biscuits.

  3. Your camera takes great shots. I find myself drooling more than usual at the mere sight. My pics often look like blurry images of lost planets with gravy when I try to capture a picture of culinary art

    1. Haha! Aww! I told someone a trick for taking photos (especially with camera phones) to hold your breath for a few seconds before taking a shot to steady the camera. Good lighting helps a lot, too! 🙂

  4. Great composite post. Fosters Freez pink cone dip is cotton candy flavor, not cherry; it’s accurate in flavor (i.e., not artificial) and quite nice, as is the caramel. Love fried pies and seek them out. There were Church’s all over my Detroit neighborhood growing up; great memories. The one that was in Santee was replaced by a Taco Bell…probably because KFC opened right across the street. Going to have to try the gyros at Wich Addiction.

    1. Thanks, Cathy! I haven’t seen pink dip at Foster’s Freeze, only chocolate. I’ll have to check for that next time we’re over there. Or did you mean Mr Frosty?

      Fried pies are so good… much better than any “baked” version. Hope you get the try the gyro at Wich Addiction sometime. They’re open on the weekends now!

        1. Oh, at Tastee Freez! That makes more sense. Okay, I have seen it there, I actually totally forgot they do dipped cones. I don’t think I’d like cotton candy flavored dip though. But options are very important.

    1. It does look like naan bread! But with scallions, haha. The butterscotch dipped cones are good but that was a really sad version, especially after I looked at other dipped cones on their Yelp review. Sadness.

  5. I finally got to try the pumpkin Noosa and I am addicted. It’s amazing and I can’t wait to try the other flavors! Is the greengo food truck always in one spot, or does it move around? Because I need that sandwich in my life.

    1. Oh man, you reminded me I need to go hit up Target for more yogurt! The strawberry rhubarb flavor is good, too. I have also seen coconut, raspberry, and blueberry. I’m sure there are more flavors though! The GreenGo truck does move around, but they post their schedule usually on Twitter or their website. There’s also the SD Food Trucks website which posts a list of trucks for that day: Happy food truck hunting!

  6. I just went to Wich Addiction for their breakfast option (thanks for doing a breakfast post on em too).

    The Carnivore Grilled Cheese looks so stupid good 🙁 I want so bad right now. I wonder if they could do a low carb version of that. Don’t judge. Been trying to control my outta control carb intake lately 🙁 So many sad face emos…

    I think my last fried apple anything was from McD? Does McD fry their apple pie dessert thingies?

    1. I go to work too early to take advantage of Wich Addiction breakfast. Though… they do deliver. Hmm. I tried the Grilled Cheese truck at Hotel Thrillist last weekend and they had pork belly with grilled cheese and it was so amazing… I don’t know if they have any lo-carb options here… you’ll just have to share with someone instead!
      McDonald’s doesn’t fry their apple pies anymore, they’re gross and baked now and not worth it!

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