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I love snacks, especially crunchy snacks, so I was more than happy to receive an offer to try out a new locally made tortilla chip called Chipz Happen. Chipz Happen is a family run business and they make gourmet tortilla chips (“chipz”) in four different flavors. The chips are Non-GMO, Gluten Free, have No Trans Fat and they use Rice Bran oil to fry the chips.


The idea/recipe comes from the mom of the family and the daughters helped to create the business. Taste test time! 


Cinnful Sweet Heat

Let’s start with maybe the most unusual flavor of the bunch: the Cinnful Sweet Heat. These are tortilla chips dusted with cane sugar, cinnamon and cayenne (and probably other spices). The sweetness of the chips is not too overpowering and the kick of the cayenne helps offset the sweetness of the chips. The spiciness is what makes these not “too weird” since the balance of sweet and spicy is pretty spot on. I could imagine pairing this with a sweet/spicy salsa, or crunched on top of desserts. Or maybe crunched up and used in a batter for something pan fried (french toast, chicken??). Surprisingly good but also not something I want to just munch on alone, I’d rather use this in another recipe. 


Parmesan Garlic

The Parmesan Garlic were probably my favorite chips of the bunch. There’s a good dusting of the Parmesan Garlic seasoning and it did manage to stick to most of the chips. It has a lovely salty flavor from the Parmesan and the garlic flavor is nice (though, garlic lover that I am, I could even have more garlic flavor). All of the chips are super crunchy and taste really fresh. 


Spice-Z Parmesan Garlic

These are very similar to the Parmesan Garlic chipz except that these are spicy! There’s that’s extra “oomph” of flavor here. I didn’t find them to be SUPER OMG spicy but there is enough kick that after a while my mouth felt a little fiery and dragon-like. Again, I love the crunch on these babies.  


Himalayan Pink Salt

The “plain” flavor is not so plain with the use of Himalayan Pink Salt on top. I love that you can actually SEE the little crystals of salt on each chip. These are a wonderful base chip and great for any salsa dipping (or other snacking) activities. The simple flavor really makes the tortilla chips shine. These were a very close favorite of mine as well. My dad liked this one the best out of all of the flavors – he wasn’t into all these “fancy flavorings” and thought the plain, simpler chips were the best of the bunch. I would agree, but I still really love that Parmesan Garlic. 

All in all I would say I really enjoyed these chips. They’re super crunchy (yay) and have a lot of good flavor on them. Chipz Happen is available locally at Sprouts and other little markets around town or you can purchase a few bags on their online store

Disclaimer: I received complimentary bags of Chipz Happen for review. I was not further compensated for this post and all opinions stated are my own.

6 thoughts on “[product review] chipz happen

    1. Hi CC – You don’t like cinnamon anyway so I expected you to say that, ha ha! The simple himalayan sea salt ones were really good.

  1. I looooove these chips! Can’t wait for my local Raley’s to stock them. Himalayan Pink Salt are my favorite. I’m all about crunchy, salty snacks. Keep your cookies!
    Also: If you haven’t tried Quinn’s popcorn, try that next! It’s also lovely, lots of weird and pleasing flavors.
    Nice review!

    1. Hi Beth – Popcorn is my weakness so I’ll definitely have to look for the Quinn’s popcorn! “Weird pleasing flavors” sounds like something I could be into it. Thanks for the recommendation and comment!

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