[product review] asian snacks part two

Another edition of crazy Asian snacks! All of these are again from H Mart, where I like to browse the aisles looking for different snacks to try.


Yes! Chips! Why! All! The exclamation points?!


These are sort of like popped crunchy air chips. They are a bit sweet and a bit salty and I really liked the texture of these. Maybe the exclamation points have a point after all. Yummy!


I got these because they said “During my stay in caffe” which just cracked me up. I always love the English sentences that randomly appear on Asian packaging that try to sound insightful and deep or something. It looks like it possibly came with a song download? I have no idea. I didn’t actually visit the Facebook link.


This had individually wrapped packages (with two cookies in each package). Each of the cookies had a different design imprinted on them. They taste just like buttery shortbread cookies – I really liked them!


Maya was hanging around while I was taking photos, hoping for a bit of cookie (she got a shortbread cookie all to herself for being a good girl).


The last item in this snacky post is this bag of chocolate flavored baked rice snacks.


These kind of look like a chocolate version of donut seeds. Unlike cereal though, they are much lighter in texture and very airy. The chocolate flavor is quite light and they are also kind of powdery. These were my least favorite of the bunch, but they weren’t terrible either. Just not something I’d really be craving again.


Here’s an outtake of Maya as she patiently waits for me to get done so she can have a cookie already! Even my dog has to wait for me to finish taking photos of the food. Haha!

Got any suggestions for me for snackies to try? Let me know below in the comments!

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