[product review] crazy snacking with piattos, kikiriki drumstix and pastino

Doing a quick little post today on some uh… interesting looking snacks I picked up at H Mart recently. I’ve bought a lot of the weird snacks at various Asian markets to give away to other people and I find I don’t always try them myself… so I figured I’d start! Here’s what I picked up during this round of snacks.


Jack ‘n Jill’s Piattos was the first thing I picked up. I grew up with Jack ‘n Jill’s products. When I visited the Philippines as a youngster, Chiz Curls were like my favorite thing ever. I’ve tried a few of their other products but this was my first crack at Piattos.


“Piattos is a snacking treat for life’s pleasurable pauses”. Who writes this stuff?! And can I get their job?


Piattos are these hexagonal shaped chips. They taste like a cross between those TGIF potato skin chips and Pringles. They’re kind of thick but also super crunchy. They have a good dusting of the powdered cheese stuff. Not too bad on flavor and crunchy enough to keep me interested without being overly salty. I’d eat these again.

A little internet research on Piattos tells me these also come the following flavors: Sour Cream & Onion, Nacho Pizza, Roadhouse Barbecue, and Roast Beef. At H Mart I only saw Cheese and Barbecue.


Kikiriki Drumstix were the next thing to go into my basket. I mean, holy crap – look at that chicken dude! He looks so freaking excited that they made a snack that tastes LIKE HIM. I don’t think I’d be quite as excited and would give a pouty face instead.


Inside the box is another bag you have to open before you can get to your drumstick shaped, chicken flavored snacks. And damn, do they ever look like little drumsticks! Once you bite into one it’s completely hollow inside. There was a miminal amount of broken pieces and most of them managed to stay in tact in their drumstick form which made me happy. These were actually pretty damn tasty, I have to say. They’re super crunchy and airy since they’re hollow. It has a good chicken-ish taste and they’re not super salty. They tasted bizarre at first, but the more I ate them the more I liked them.


The last snack I picked up: Pastino! Carbonara flavored: because why the hell not.


A quick peek into the bag does show they are “pasta” shaped – or at least rotini pasta shaped. I ate one and then kind of stared at it for a bit… what on earth was that weird flavor? I ate another one and crinkled my nose again and decided to sniff the bag – ugh, not a good idea. These don’t smell very good – they smell really super fake and proceeded which I guess makes sense… these are overly salty and the “carbonara” flavor doesn’t do it any favors (and it seems to be heavily laced with MSG). I ate one more for good measure and then promptly gave up. There was a really odd after taste after eating just three of these – from the seasonings, the MSG, I have no idea what but there’s no way I will ever eat these suckers again. Oh well, the packaging got me in this case!

If you have any weird/funky/crazy good snack suggestions for me please let me know! I always love trying new things!

6 thoughts on “[product review] crazy snacking with piattos, kikiriki drumstix and pastino

  1. I swear I bolt to the ‘junk food aisle’ of these Asian markets now b/c of all your bloggers who post about Asian snackies. Those chicken drumsticks look so cute! I’ve never seen this before. Do you remember how much you paid for em?

    I love when my best friend comes to town b/c it gives me a reason to go to the Asian markets to stock up on junk food. So I’m going to have to re visit H Mart and look for these drumsticks!

    1. Hi Faye! We’re all adventurous, trying the weird snacks! These were all between $1-$2, so I didn’t feel too bad getting them even if I ended up not liking them. At H Mart these were on the “Korean” snack side, right next to the refrigerated area.

  2. Those drumstick things are hilarious! The cannibalistic chicken is a bit disturbing though. Asian snacks are so processed and have some cool packaging though.

    One of my favorite snacks is shrimp chips – either by Calbee or Nong Shim, whichever brand is on sale. Bert and I also like Nagaraya nuts – they have that stereotypical Asian chopstick looking writing and come in flavors like garlic, adobo, and barbecue (can be found at Seafood City).

    1. Hi CC – I know, they are so so processed but they are fun to have once in awhile! I love the Nagaraya nuts – I was looking for them at H Mart today but didn’t see them there today. I got some other snacks to “test” today though so I can do another snack installment. heehee

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