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Earlier this month, I had lunch with CC of Pink Candles of Ridgemont High and Faye of Faye’s Fork. I originally wanted to take them to Mamma Lina’s for some awesomely cheap ravioli lunch, only to find they were closed for two weeks for some kind of summer vacation. I guess you can do that kind of thing when you run your own factory.

My backup plan was Wich Addiction since it was really close by. I hadn’t visited Wich Addiction in awhile and I figured it was high time for me to come back in (and actually write about it this time). Wich Addiction is like the restaurant-that-does-not-move version of the Devilicious food truck, that I am a big fan of. We got there pretty early and the place slowly started to fill up the closer it got to noon.


Faye had just got back from a trip to Taiwan and was nice enough to get these crazy snacks for CC and I! My favorite was a hazelnut chocolate bar that was full of yummy hazelnuts. Mmmm.

CC also got some snacks, too, which I forgot to photograph because I’m a bad, bad blogger. She got us some cheeseburger and pizza flavored chips, some choco-pies and a few other snacky items. Being friends with other food bloggers is the best!


[deviled eggs – $2.99]

Faye got us an order of deviled eggs to share. These were pipped all pretty back into the hard boiled egg and I must admit I was jealous of their superb technique. Whenever I make them, I just use a regular spoon. Maybe one of these days I’ll get all fancy, too, and pipe it in. I thought the eggs were just okay – they were a bit too cold, if that makes any sense. Like they had been in the fridge for more than a day tasting. I also like a little extra spice in mine so these were just okay. I did like the shaved Parmesan on top.


[roasted beet and citrus salad – $6.50]

CC ordered a salad that had beets in it. Seeing as I think beets are evil, I didn’t try this. But I loved the colors of it! The cheese almost looks like coconut in my photo.


[chimichurri steak sandwich – $9.50]

Faye ordered this incredibly flavorful and bright green Chimichurri Steak Sandwich that’s served on a long french roll. I got a little bite of the steak which was juicy and quite full of bright flavors. Yum!


[buttermilk fried chicken sandwich – $7.85]

As for me, I got the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich. And I immediately fell in love. The chicken is breaded and fried to perfection and has a supremely crunchy outer coating. There are several pieces of chicken on the sandwich, sort of like chicken tenders. The meat is moist and juicy (and white meat). It comes with a sriracha aioli which adds a bit of spiciness and an oomph of flavor to the sandwich.


In fact, that sandwich was so delicious that I had it AGAIN when I went back here with my co-workers the following week. Apparently I could not get this sandwich out of my head.

Above, this is my “artistic, herb” shot of the chicken sandwich.

Okay, not really. But that sounded cool, didn’t it?


[roasted mushroom, roasted red pepper & zucchini sandwich – $7.50]

On that subsequent visit, Lauren ordered this veggie sandwich. If I liked roasted red peppers even a little bit I would order this.


[s’mores brownie]

David had ordered a crab cake sandwich which looked exactly like the one from Devilicious so I didn’t photograph it. He did get this s’mores brownie though and let me have a little bit. There’s like, two mini marshmallows in the middle and a graham cracker sticking out of it which I guess makes it “s’mores”. I wasn’t really impressed though, the brownie was on the dry side and tasted more like dry cake then brownie to me. Oh well.

Someday I’ll come here again and eat things that don’t involve buttermilk fried chicken. They have this whole big menu with so many things to try so I’ll have to venture out again sometime.

Wich Addiction
6625 Flanders Dr. Suite B
San Diego, CA 92121

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8 Replies to “wich addiction / mira mesa – san diego, ca

  1. Looks good! I’ve always wanted to try this place, but the only time I can ever go is Saturdays. We should do a food blogger meet-up sometime! 🙂

    1. Hi Jinxi! They have some kick ass sandwiches here! We definitely should do a food blogger meet up sometime! I’ll have to think about this, unless you or someone else has some ideas on where to go 🙂

  2. Your photos are so awesome and swoonworthy!

    Next time, I have to get a sandwich, duh. Both yours and Faye’s were really good!

    I still have to post on those cool snacks and candies!

    1. Thanks CC 🙂 Photoshop helps my photos look extra pretty haha. Sandwiches next time! There are a few I want to try… Also want to try the poutine! No snack post from me, I didn’t photo it all first but looking forward to yours!

  3. OMG!! I was laughing out loud just now b/c I gave you a shout out on a post I just finished tonight (it was about a spicy dish). So it’s ironic how you finally posted about Wich Addiction 🙂

    It was great to finally meet you and CC at this sandwich place (which I’ve FALLEN IN LOVE WITH BTW!!). I haven’t had chance to post about it yet b/c I wanted to go back another visit (which i did last week). Your fried chicken sandwich was so good.

    Glad you liked the Taiwan goodies 🙂

    1. Haha that is funny! I know, I’m always a little behind in posting or I post things out of order… Not that anyone but me knows that! Little behind in my reading too. What a slacker I am 🙂

      It was so great to finally meet you, too! We need more blogger lunches!!

  4. saw the chicken sandwich picture on your google+ and made me think of cluckmoo again! i will put this on my ‘to try’ list. looks so tasty and so close by too!

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