the honest kitchen dog food – a review by maya

With a little help from her owner, Maya will be showing off what she thought of the Honest Kitchen’s dog food products. I had been offered to do a trial run for the Honest Kitchen’s dog food. The Honest Kitchen is a local San Diego company that created dehydrated pet food for dogs and cats using all natural ingredients. Human grade food is used to create the products at the Honest Kitchen, allowing you to know exactly what you’re feeding your beloved companion.

I actually got samples for dogs and cats… but here’s what the dog samples look like:


[dehydrated food for dogs]

I got samples of the cafe-free turkey and free-range chicken, but they have other flavors that also include beef, fish, grains and base mixes to help you create your own homemade dog food.


[side of box]

The mixes are pretty easy to prepare. You just add hot water, mix, and let it stand.


[trial sized version]

This is the trial sized version, which would make a few meals for Maya since she’s so little (about 15 pounds).


[the dry mix]

Looking at the mix, you can actually see actual food stuffs in there. It looks a lot like a soup base. It smelled pretty earthy and herby.


[looks kind of soupy]

I made the dumb mistake of putting cold water in, so I stuck it in the microwave for a few seconds to heat it up. Then I let it stand so it could thicken.


[maya, the test subject]

Now my little dog, Maya, is a super picky little girl dog. She does not eat canned dog food of any kind (none that I have tried, anyway) and only eats one brand of dry dog food, the Innova Evo Small Bites made with no grains and made with premium quality food. She feasts on chicken and rice, doesn’t like pork, and many times will turn away when you initially try to feed her something. Her dog treats are dried duck jerky. She’s quite the little princess.

Here’s a video of her trying the food:

She did start eating it and then I kind of distracted her and then she didn’t eat anymore of it. But she at least attempted it and ate about half of it – which is more than any other wet dog food she’s ever tried! That’s about as much endorsement as you’re going to get out of her for that one.


[dried haddock fillet treats for cats and dogs]

While Maya was kind of 50/50 on the dehydrated dog food, there was no question about her love for the Wishes treats.


Here she is trying to gnaw on a big piece of the dried haddock! And that’s all that’s in this – it’s simply dried haddock and nothing more.

Maya has got really only one trick up her sleeve – and that’s doing a rollover! But… she only rolls over one way. And she kind of looks like she’s going to try and bite your fingers right before she does it. She also knows what to do in order to get a treat and starts rolling before you even ask, which is exactly what she did for this treat:

All in all, The Honest Kitchen is a great local company providing healthy, nutritious meals for our four legged friends. It’s great to know exactly what goes into the food you’re feeding your pets to help maintain a healthy lifestyle for the furry little creature in your life. Check out The Honest Kitchen’s website to learn more about their practices, how their natural pet food differs from other brands, and how you can purchase their products to try for your little furry ones.

5 thoughts on “the honest kitchen dog food – a review by maya

  1. Our pup eats anything but I’m wary of anything that might give him loose stools aka my worst nightmare. Good for Maya for trying something different. I think I would give the dried haddock a try.

    1. Yeah, having pups try new foods can result in… unwanted behaviors. When Maya was a puppy and I had her trying different brands, it would make her throw up a lot, the poor thing. Maya really liked the dried haddock!

  2. We switched our senior dog to one of HK’s grain-free version for about a month last year. It gave her the worst gas (peee-ewwww) and her stool never firmed up (sorry, ew topic). And as a side note, some of HK’s varieties contain garlic, which contains the same ingredient as onion that’s toxic to dogs. The company responded to my inquiry about the garlic and they said it was minimal per serving and garlic is known to have holistic benefits. So I say decide for yourself. Me, I’d rather play it safe than sorry cuz who knows what the long term effect might be.

    1. Hi Carol! Thanks for the additional feedback. Maya only tried it the one time so I didn’t see any adverse effects as you mentioned (hehe) but it’s interesting to see how other dogs do with it. Everyone should try it for themselves to see how their pup responds – also good to note about the garlic!

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