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Jake, T and I were in my ‘hood one Saturday afternoon and I decided I wanted to try this Filipino place. But then when we got to the Filipino place, I remember that the Original Pancake House was right next door and I suddenly wanted pancakes instead! Sometimes I just don’t know where my stomach is going to take me.

I haven’t been to this location in forever, but it’s pretty much the same as the one in Clairemont.

Here are some sides that our waitress brought out first – the lingonberries for T’s pancakes, some applesauce and sour cream and some butter.

These are T’s Swedish Pancakes – which look like crepes! These are very thin and kind of holey (they say “lacy” on the menu), resulting in a thin and delicious pancake. I had a couple of bites and it was really tasty – excellent with the lingonberries. I’m pretty sure the only other place I’ve had lingonberries is at IKEA!

Jake and I did the split the plate thing – we shared some sausage and biscuits and some potato pancakes. I can’t remember if we ordered these separately or if it was one meal or what… apparently I decided to not take notes that day. Hmph.

I do remember that it was all deliciously good. The biscuits & gravy were not the best I’ve ever had (I’m looking at you, Toby’s 19th Hole) but they were good. The potato pancakes were a little thinner than what I’m used to having, resulting in a crispier potato pancake – good, but a little different. I like mine topped with sour cream. Lush and creamy is how I like it.

These are their home fries/potatoes thing. It was sort of like a cross between home fries and mashed potatoes, minus all of the weird crap that places usually put into their home fries (ie, bell peppers and onions and things, which I don’t like).

I couldn’t decide if I really liked these or not. I liked that it was a creamier consistency with some crispness from the outside of the potato. In the end I didn’t eat much of it – too many other carb happy things were going on for me to want much more of it. Jake totally dug it.

And bacon! What’s breakfast without bacon? A sad breakfast, my friends.

The bacon here is really thickly sliced – a little chewier than I like, but the quality is very good.

Jake thinks this is “bacon like he remembers it as a kid”. He must have more vivid bacon memories than me.

All in all, the Original Pancake House has been consistently good over the years – the pancakes are always excellent – and don’t forget a cup of coffee! I didn’t take a photo of it, but it’s rich and smooth and I love putting lots of deliciously bad cream into it – so good!

See my original post about the Original Pancake House in Clairemont.

The Original Pancake House
14905 Pomerado Road
Poway, California 92064
Tel: (858)-679-0186

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    1. Hi CC – They were good! I kind of wish I had ordered them… The Filipino place was called the Lumpia House, right next door to OP. I was too full afterwards to get anything, plus we were going over to this cupcake place in the same parking lot since I had an expiring coupon.

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