dinner on the grill / grilled zucchini, kielbasa and the little potato company

I recently got another product to review: baby potatoes from The Little Potato Company! I love potatoes and these little baby ones were so cute that I was pretty excited to get a batch of them to try out.

I was given a bag of the “Terrific Trio” and the “Baby Boomer” potatoes for sampling. Featured here in my recipes are the Baby Boomer potatoes.

How cute are these little baby potatoes?! I could just eat them right up… oh wait. I am! (Bad joke, I know.)

The baby potatoes don’t need to be peeled and don’t really even need to be chopped up. They’re the perfect size for cooking “as is” – whether you decide to roast, boil, smash, grill or bake.

I was feeling kind of lazy that day… so after a quick rinse, I threw this babies into a pot of salted water and set them to boil for some lightly smashed potatoes.

Along with the potatoes I cut up some zucchini from my dad’s garden – we were overflowing in the zucchini this summer and I decided to grill these up. A quick drizzle of olive oil and a dusting of salt and pepper and these veggies were ready for the grill.

Along with the veggies, I grilled up some kielbasa that my dad had brought back from a trip to Massachusetts. Fully cooked, they just needed a small amount of time on the grill to get heated up with some grilling marks.

This was probably one of the quickest dinners ever.

I barely mashed these baby potatoes – I kept it on the chunky side with a little milk and a few pats of butter. Plenty of salt and pepper, too!

The potatoes turned out to be so creamy! I’ve found that sometimes you need to add a lot of stuff to make the potatoes taste a bit better but not these. I don’t think I’ve had potatoes so creamy before – I was quite impressed! It reminded me a bit of Yukon Gold potatoes but in a tinier form.

Dinner is served! The perfect meal for a warm summer’s night.

This last photo has nothing to do with the food, but it was too cute not to share. She managed to use two stools! I mean, you always need at least one stool for your head, right?

The Little Potato Company offers up a variety of little potatoes hailing from Canada. These little goodies are available at Vons supermarkets in the greater San Diego area.

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