eating in la: broome street general store / silver lake – los angeles, ca

Our post-felting class excursion led up over to Silver Lake to Broome Street General Store. We passed right by it without even seeing it since the sign out front was angled weird – you could pretty much only see it if you were heading down the street in a particular direction. Very odd.

Broome Street is named for a street in Manhattan where the owner once lived. It’s filled with various vintage kitchen items and sundries and various artisan goods (such as pickles, sauces, spices and other items).

I bought some smoked sea salt from Wales. It sounded really interesting. I have yet to actually try it though.

Alyssa and I browsed through the whole shop before heading over to the front counter to look at the ready to eat goodies they had for sale.

There were various tarts, yogurt and granola and brownies on this side.

And sandwiches and salads on this side. They also sell coffees and other drinks in addition to few pastries and desserts.

Alyssa’s Chicken Breast sandwich came with no dressings on it, but had a little cup of sauce to pour on if you so desired. She enjoyed the sandwich.

As for me, I had this Ficelle (which is French for “string”) sandwich with salami and a hard Spanish goat cheese. The bread was very long and thin. It was kind of difficult to chew the bread because it had hardened and the very thin slices of salami and cheese wasn’t doing very much for me. I noticed later that the sandwiches are actually from Cube Cafe and not made at Broome Street, which  explains why it didn’t taste very fresh to me. Probably better to try this one over at the actual Cube Cafe instead of just an outpost.

Alyssa and I also shared some additional treats. She got this salted caramel croissant-tart thing that was very good. The pastry was nice and buttery and flaky and the caramel made for a nice addition. Yummy!

I picked out this homemade oreo – it looked and sounded really good. It’s a soft chocolate cookie with cream filling. While the overall flavor was good, I just did not like the crunchy sugar on top. To me, it kind of look away from the flavor of the cookie and didn’t work well here. It was just overboard in my opinion.

Broome Street General Store does offer up a fun variety of items to look at and shop for and is a nice little spot for a little snack or bit of coffee. There’s a nice outdoor area under a few trees with some picnic tables so you can enjoy a little afternoon sun.

Broome Street General Store
2912 Rowena Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 570-0405


mary likes baking.

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  1. What another cute little find! That homemade oreo looks great with the big grains of sugar…I also like the caramel croissant that your friend got. As for ficelle/thin french bread, I’m not a fan of those. Too hard and too chewy. I like the softer bread, like the kind used in banh mi!

    • mary says:

      Hi CC – The big grains of sugar are pretty, I just don’t like to eat them! Yeah, I did not like that thin french bread at all – way too hard and chewy. Not going to ever get that again!

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